Virtual access to UUCC Sunday Services

If you cannot or prefer not to join us in person, we have two ways for you to still be with us.  Decide on which way and then see information below for access information.

A. Zoom interaction before and after service stream

After 10:30 a.m., you can log into the UUCC pre and post Sunday Service Gathering Zoom event.  Those logged into the Zoom event will have the opportunity to interact until the live service begins and also after the service

See Unigram, eBlast or Meeting Info page on the UUCC Web site for login information.

The stream for the live service will be shown as part of the Zoom event or you can access it separately via the information below.

Following the live service, the Zoom event will be available for up to 30 minutes for those logged into the Zoom event to interact.

B. Streaming service only

  1. Open the browser on your Internet-connected device (computer, laptop, smartphone).
    2. Click on this link or paste it In the search bar, hit ENTER:
    3. Watch the service being streamed from the UUCC sanctuary