Peace on Earth: The Peace Pole Message

Peace Poles, the most recognized monument dedicated to peace on earth, represent the highest aspirations of peace and goodwill inherent in the human heart, transcending race, religion, and creed. They serve as vehicles to carry the message, “May Peace Prevail On Earth,” to every corner on earth.  They are planted to uplift, empower and elevate the human consciousness to embrace the oneness of our global family.
The Columbia Peace Pole Initiative is documenting local Peace Poles and encouraging the planting of many more in Columbia to instill the message of hope and peace in our communities.
     Committee members will share the history and background of the international Peace Pole Project and the local initiative, show many global and recently-installed area Peace Poles, and introduce Columbia ceramic artist Olga Yukhno who will describe the design and vision for her upcoming Persimmon Peace Pole.