Flower Communion

During this time of social isolation and inability to gather as a community of faith, the UUCC remains committed to providing experiences for members and friends to connect, hold each other in grief and celebration, engage our minds and hearts in meaningful online services, and sustain the rituals of our faith.  On the first Sunday in April, 2020, we will have a virtual celebration of our flower communion.  The flower communion, created by Norbet Capek in 1923, is an annual ritual that celebrates beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community.  We celebrate this ritual each year by inviting everyone to bring a flower, place it at the front, and then our children and youth bless the flowers and redistribute them to everyone in attendance.  This will be challenging but not impossible this Sunday as we meet virtually.  Children and youth will help lead this multi-generational service that keeps us connected to this beautiful ritual.

To prepare for our time together, we invite everyone to pick a flower our find a way to show flowers during the service.  We also invite everyone to decorate a 3X5 note card, or something similar, that says what the flower is and a couple of words about what it means to you.  This will be a great activity for children and for families to work on together.  Toward the end of our service, we will bless all the flowers and you will be invited to hold up your flower with the card on your screen.  This will create a gallery effect of everyone on the call sharing flowers and having the ability to browse through and see all the flowers of others.  This will be our virtual flower communion.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday and seeing the beautiful flowers that you share.  During this time of pandemic crisis, we need reminders of the beauty, strength, and fragility of our flower friends, who reflect the beauty, strength, and fragility of ourselves.