The Fall of Patriarchy

In Terry Crews’ book on Manhood, he talks about how targeting high profile sexual predators in order to end patriarchy is like trying to cut a tree down by cutting the leaves. Toxic masculinity is a part of our culture and we need to lay the ax to the trunk of that tree, rooting out the male privilege that has been the source of victimization of women for centuries. Perhaps the current backward trend in our nation is the retreat that will force us to find the activation energy necessary to bring about the fall of the patriarchy.

Dr. Paul Thomlinson will provide the guitar music for the service.  Dr. Thomlinson is a research psychologist who specializes in suicide prevention, but his passion has always been music. He has played and composed music since he was young and often does performances of only his own material, but he also covers a wide rage of rock, blues, reggae, and (when Roger is not around) country music.