Speaker: Barbara Bates Smith

An Alabama native, at the UofA she grabbed a great husband for a 65-year marriage. A son was born in Birmingham, another in Berlin, a daughter in Rochester MN- who is the Susan Sharpe drawing her to Columbia as a widow in 2019… At age 30 Barbara first stepped curiously onstage, at 60 finding herself in her own Off-Broadway show IVY ROWE (from a Lee Smith novel). Moving from Lakeland FL to the NC mountains enabled tours, adding more shows, plus musician/tour manager Jeff Sebens… During the pandemic she’s written a memoir Much Ado About 90, and a handbook Story Circles. Giving up a 3-year circle at an Asheville mission, she eagerly started one at the UUCC. And IVY ROWE (in its 33rd year) also resumes.