Speaker: Dr. Brie Turner-McGrievy

Brie Turner-McGrievy received her Master of Science degree in Nutrition and Registered Dietitian credentials from the University of Alabama. She completed her doctoral degree in nutrition and postdoctoral fellowship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Currently, she is an associate professor at the University of South Carolina in the Department of Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior. Dr. Turner-McGrievy’s research focuses on behavioral interventions for weight loss and the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Dr. Turner-McGrievy’s research has included the use of emerging technologies for weight loss and plant-based dietary approaches for chronic disease prevention and treatment among adults.

Three Reasons to Add More Plant-Based Meals to Your Plate

There are lots of reasons to put more plants on your plate. Dr. Brie Turner-McGrievy will cover the main three reasons why you should include more plant-based meals in your diet: animal welfare, environmental, and health reasons. Dr. Turner-McGrievy will also include some helpful tips for ways to include more plants on your plate.