Speaker: Ivy Coleman

vy Coleman is a pharmacist working for a healthcare organization in Columbia. She and her wife, Robin, have a home in Ivy’s hometown of Beaufort, SC and they travel to there every other weekend to visit family.
Ivy has been a member of our beloved UUCC family for about 18 years. She loves the warm, accepting feel of our Church so much that she and Robin once served as Co-Presidents!
The topic of Women’s health and “herstory” is near and dear to her heart.

Patriotism in America – a Right Wing Value?

Like many UUs, Ivy and Robin strive to live (and vote) the American values expressed in our country’s founding documents, but we are uncomfortable with the current version of American patriotism. Today’s talk is about why, as members of a liberal religious faith, our enthusiasm for flag-waving (and wearing) is diminished by the vehement, combative, … Continue reading Patriotism in America – a Right Wing Value?

I’m at a Loss. Now What?

Losses come in many forms and sometimes they come in quick succession. What can we do to build resilience so we can move forward and grow from these experiences?