Speaker: Ivy Coleman

Ivy Coleman is a survivor and an optimist. At the age of 23, as an uninsured young adult, she experienced her first loss, in the form of a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. She managed her disease while working her way through a strenuous pharmacy residency program, achieving a successful career as a pharmacist and manager at Palmetto Health. Along the way, she has experienced the typical losses we all share – pets, friends, family, places, democracy – as well as the difficulties of coming out in a conservative family, and more health-related diagnoses. Throughout, she has maintained a positive outlook while finding replacements for the activities she has lost. Today, she will share what experts recommend in dealing with loss, as well as coping strategies she has learned along the way.

I’m at a Loss. Now What?

Losses come in many forms and sometimes they come in quick succession. What can we do to build resilience so we can move forward and grow from these experiences?