Speaker: Munira Elizabeth Reed

Munira Elizabeth Reed, PhD. is ordained as a Sufi Cherag, and also as a United Methodist minister. She is an experienced spiritual teacher. Inspired by Neil Douglas-Klotz’s translations of the Aramaic words of Jesus into English, Munira will allow us to experience Jesus’ teachings in the context of a Middle Eastern world view. This opens us to a broad spectrum of inclusive interpretations.

I Am – the Goddess

Elizabeth Reed Ph.D joins us to share her research on Biblical reinterpretation as related to Goddess Wisdom. Explore how inner wisdom calls you to justice and how Jesus’s teachings are rooted in the divine feminine. Experience how your deepest truth is expressed in your smallest self. Reed will be conducting a dance and workshop on … Continue reading I Am – the Goddess

Not the Jesus I Knew: Yeshua and the Divine Feminine

We know from archaeological findings over the centuries that the Divine Feminine has been worshiped from the beginning of time. In our modern day, there are many expressions of worship of the Feminine through pagan and earth-based spiritual paths. But what about the Great Feminine during the first century in the Middle East? Suppressed, eradicated, … Continue reading Not the Jesus I Knew: Yeshua and the Divine Feminine