Speaker: Pat Mohr

Pat Mohr is a long-time member of this congregation, a retired education researcher, and a UU since 1973. She once identified as a religious humanist, but says this world view seems to be mellowing with age (and wisdom).

The Future of UU

Three UUCC delegates just attended the 2023 national meeting of Unitarian Universalists. Come hear about what they saw and heard that could portend the future of UUism. Note:  Pat Mohr discovered an “oops moment!” when she attributed her closing words: “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a … Continue reading The Future of UU

Why Religion?

Why Religion? By Dr. Patricia Mohr, UUCC  6-2-19 Call to Worship – Two quotes about religion, Quote 1 from an atheist, Christopher Hitchens. This is actually the title of one of his books: “God is Not Great: Religion poisons everything.” But here’s another recent quote from Andrew Sullivan: “Everyone has a religion. It is, in … Continue reading Why Religion?