Speaker: Rev. Roger Ray

Dr. Ray is the author of Progressive Faith and Practice (2014) and Progressive Conversations (2017) and will release his collection, Meditations, in June of this year as well as a collection of essays entitled Toward a Great Society. His sermons are available on YouTube and iTunes and are now among the most popularly downloaded progressive faith messages on the internet. He is featured on ProgressiveChristianity.org as well as the podcast Best of the Left, and is the founding pastor of the Emerging Church. He earned his masters and doctoral degrees at Vanderbilt Divinity School and was a 2004 Merrill Fellow at Harvard Divinity School.

The Fall of Patriarchy

In Terry Crews’ book on Manhood, he talks about how targeting high profile sexual predators in order to end patriarchy is like trying to cut a tree down by cutting the leaves. Toxic masculinity is a part of our culture and we need to lay the ax to the trunk of that tree, rooting out … Continue reading The Fall of Patriarchy