Speaker: Ron Edge

Ron Edge has been an active member of the UU Congregation of Columbia since coming to the USC Physics Department some 60 years ago. He earned a PhD at Cambridge, England, and is known for his contributions to nuclear physics and science education. Ron has published on the physics of surfing, why bread falls jelly side down, why airplanes fly, and other interesting topics. He is often recognized around town for having presented the Monty Python Show on SCETV, hosting several physics talk shows, and playing the accordion at Soda City on Saturday mornings.

The Beginnings & Endings of Us, God and the Universe

From the beginning and end of the Universe to our own life’s journeys — we are amazed at how this has all unfolded. Join father and son physicists, one UU, one Catholic, as they share their reflections and beliefs, on the occasion of Ron’s 90th birthday.