Stephanie Palmer-Smith

Director of Religious Exploration
I have found no greater service in life than that of serving families and children and assisting them on their journeys as they build a fulfilling spiritual life.  And it is my pleasure to serve the UUCC as their DRE.

I have had the pleasure of teaching children and adults science, math, and religion throughout my career as an educator and am pleased to be able to offer our Children and Youth Religious Education program my educational experience as well as my life-time accrued experience as an advocate for social justice, environmental, as well as individual rights issues.

I graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in secondary education. I think of the whole world as a classroom and encourage members to continually keep their eyes open to the wonders we can experience each and every day.   As I strive to live our 7 principles each and every day, I invite you and your children to join us as we work to be the best we can be together, supporting one another along the way.