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Albert’s Quantum Theory of Light

Celebration of the beloved community being made up of individual packets of energy.  Anniversary of the presentation of his theory.

November 14, 2021

Please take your seats and silently center yourselves for worship.


ANNOUNCEMENTS Connie Quirk, Worship Leader

PRELUDE Sonatina in C by Mozart, trans. Piatigorsky

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Redefining Community

The UUCC has so many connections and relationships in the community and culture where we provide care, create dialogue, offer support, advocate for justice, and side with love. This Sunday will be a celebration and recommitment to that great work.

Knowing and Being Known

Using framework for intimacy from Parker Palmer, we will explore the work of knowing and being known in community. Staying connected has become trendy in our culture, especially during this pandemic, and it’s important. Authentic community calls us to deeper levels of intimacy than just … read more.

Cornbread Communion

On this Sunday, we will host our annual Cornbread Communion, a tradition in our congregation where we express our appreciation and gratitude for our community, our tremendous abundance, and our freedom.

Buddhist Notion of Sangha

“Buddhist Notion of Sangha”. Buddhism is built on the foundation of the Buddha, our ability to see things as they really are; the Dharma, variously the truth or the law; and the Sangha, the community. Dr. Kross will discuss these three.

About Dr. Jessica Kross:

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