Last updated August 2019


UUCC Resources and Guidelines

Table of Contents



1. Office Hours

1. Office Supplies

1. Office Equipment

1. Check Requests/Reimbursements

2.  Check Request Refund Form

3.  Mailings

3.  Database Records

3.  Website


3.  Thursday Bulk Email

3.  Unigram Policies and Procedures

4.  Content of Unigram

5.  Order of Service

5.  UUCC Activity Guide: Programs and Services

5.  UUCC Building Usage:

5.  Scheduling Building Space

5.  Building Use and Security

6.  Building Access Policy

6.  Rental by Members

7.  Rental by Non-Members

7.  Custodial Services

8.  Building Closing Checklist


This guide is offered in the spirit of helping us work together. It is for anyone needing to use UUCC resources. These policies are current as of this date, but are subject to change as we grow together. Please become familiar with this booklet and refer to it whenever you have a need.

Communication and coordination are extremely important. Feel free to contact me with any questions or needs not covered here.

   Andrea Dudick, Administrator

 Page 1.

Office Hours

Office hours are, 6:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. The hours are posted on the office door and published in the Unigram.

My official availability is limited to these weekday office hours and I request that you e-mail the office or leave a voice mail about non-emergency issues that arise outside of those hours.

Office Supplies

Office supplies and materials for UUCC events and projects– such as stationary and envelopes, postage, paper, writing supplies, flip charts, etc, may be ordered through the office if they are requested two weeks in advance of the time they’re needed. The cost of these materials will be charged to the committee requesting them.

The supplies in Room 1 are generally available for UUCC related use.

Office Equipment

  • UUCC has one copier, located in Room 1, for use by staff and volunteers for UUCC related work.
  • As color copies are more expensive, we ask that you limit these. If you need help, please ask the Administrator. Or if you would like training for the copier call the office.

Check Requests/Reimbursements

  • Checks are written on Fridays.
  • If a known expense is coming due, please request checks before they are needed. This is especially important for the timely payment for guest speakers
  • Please have the Committee Chair sign the Check Request Form (next page)

If you want an ‘electronic’ copy, just let us know and we’ll gladly send one to you.

  • Please turn in completed check reimbursement requests as they occur, and not hold them.
  • Leave all check request forms in Administrator, Andrea Dudick’s mailbox, in Room 1.
  • Checks are signed by the Treasurer and disbursed the following Monday.

Page 2.

Check Refund Request Form

The Unitarian Universalist

Congregation of Columbia

2701 Heyward Street

Columbia, SC  29205

803) 799-0845



Requested by: ________________________________________________________


Event: _______________________________________________________________


Date of Event: _________________________________________________________



To: __________________________________________________________________


Address: _____________________________________________________________




Telephone: ______________________  E-Mail: _______________________________



Date Incurred Description of Expense Amount



Account #: ___________________________________________


Check #: _________________ Amount: ___________________


Date Paid :____________________________________________


Approved by:_________________________________________


Please, place finished form in Administrator, Andrea Dudick’s mailbox 

Or email to

Page 3.


  • Please talk with the Administrator before starting work on any large mailing to be sure that we have the needed supplies, postage, etc.
  • Pre-printed mailing labels can be supplied if they are requested in advance.


Database Records

       UUCC Membership and Finance Data are kept in a system called ACS. In order to protect the privacy of our members and friends, access to this information is limited to the Administrator and a few individuals in congregational leadership roles.



The UUCC website is The purpose of the website is to post upcoming events and services, sermons, announcements, policies, information regarding the Board and various committees, and other materials relevant to the congregation. If you have information for the website, please submit it to our Web Master at


Thursday Bulk Email

The purpose of Bulk email is to remind members, friends and interested parties of events for the upcoming week. It should be a very brief announcement, stating name of event, date and time.

  • The deadline for submitting announcements is Wednesday.
  • Bulk email is sent every Thursday.

Unigram Policies and Procedures

Approved by Board of Trustees 6/7/04

Newsletter Purpose:

The purpose of the Unigram is to present relevant information to UUCC members, friends and interested parties, and to encourage participation in congregational programs and activities.  According to the UUA Congregational Handbook, “The most important public relations tool your congregation has is its newsletter.”

Editorial Responsibilities:

The editorial staff consists of the Administrator who acts as Editor in Chief. All material will be submitted to the Administrator, who reviews material for inclusion and may edit pieces to comply with content guidelines and for basic grammar. In formatting the physical newsletter, the Editor has some discretion in editing pieces for length. The editorial staff will confer on the final content of each edition of the newsletter.

Publication and Distribution:

The Unigram is emailed and regular mailed on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (schedule is sometimes altered during summer or winter holiday periods) to a readership of approximately 30 by regular mail and over 400 by email, which includes members, friends, visitors, and professional associates.

Deadlines and Submissions:

The preferred method of submission is by e-mail to  When this is not possible, a hard copy may be turned in to the Administrator in person, by mail, or in mailbox in room 1. All items should include the name and contact information of the author.

The deadline for submitting articles and announcements is the 2nd Sunday of each month. This is an extremely tight schedule, so deadlines must be strictly adhered to. Items not meeting the above criteria may be considered for publication in the following edition or printed in the Order of Service or distributed by email, at the discretion of the Administrator.

Page 4.

Content of Unigram

The front page of the newsletter is used to promote Sunday service information and Forum topics for the next two weeks. Also appearing on the front page could be articles about whole-congregation events such as Canvass and Annual Meeting, and messages from the Board of Trustees or Minister.  Inside contents include: invitations, announcements, and articles concerning upcoming events; Community Chalice; announcements and articles from committees and members; Religious Education news. District, UUA, and Mountain announcements may be included as space permits.

The Unigram will ‘NOT’ publish: any partisan political announcements that would endanger our tax-exempt status; “classified ads”; personal editorials; expression of dissenting opinions (although invitations to this type of discussion in another relevant forum may be included); announcements of events not directly related to the UUCC congregation; or any article not filling the stated purpose of this newsletter.

Page 5.

Order of Service

The deadline for all Order of Service items is early Wednesday before the Sunday service — including calendar items and requests for inserts or printed announcements. Special arrangements should be made if there will be a delay.

The Order of Service is the responsibility of the person leading the Sunday service or the service coordinator designated by the Worship Committee.

The Order of Service information may be written, but email is preferred:

Please include:

  • Titles and reference number for hymns and readings
  • Title of sermon and name of presenter, bio if guest speaker
  • Name(s) of pianist or other musicians/readers/additional speakers
  • Non-Worship-related inserts or requests for announcements to be included in the Order of Service should be discussed with the administrator in advance.

UUCC Activity Guide, Programs and Services Booklet

The UUCC Activity Guide, Programs and Services booklet is a valuable tool for newcomers. As a supplement to the Unigram and other announcements, the brochure gives a summary of committees, interest groups, and regular activities at the UUCC, along with meeting times and contact person. If you represent a group that wants to attract more participants, it is important to keep this information up-to-date. This document is printed in small quantities so that it can be updated as often as necessary.

UUCC Building Usage

Scheduling Space

Any and all use of our building and/or grounds must be scheduled through the Administrator. Events not scheduled through the Administrator are not guaranteed space availability.  This includes small meetings, workdays, and advance set-up for events and any use of the Social Hall before or after services.

If you reserve a space and your event is cancelled, please notify the administrator. Holding a space for a cancelled event may result in loss of rental income.

Building Use & Security

When you reserve the building for a meeting or event, you are entrusted with the responsibility for our building. When you and your group leave please:

  • Lock all doors and close all windows
  • Turn all lights out
  • Turn off heat/AC
  • Return furniture and kitchen items to their places.
  • Make sure ovens are turned off.
  • Take special care with food and drinks.
  • If you use the kitchen, clean up after yourself, wash dishes, and put things away.
  • Be mindful that our facility is a shared space and that others may come behind you before our Custodian comes in to clean — so please leave the building as you found it.

Page 6.

Building Access Policy

Board Members and Committee Chairs will receive key codes for use during their time in office. Other volunteers may be issued key codes for use during particular projects or events. All member and renter key code holders agree to be responsible for locking all doors and turning off lights and heat/AC when they leave the building.

Only renters who have paid a security deposit and members who have accepted responsibility for the building should have a key code.

Members or renters requiring a Library key should request it from the Administrator.

Rental by Members

Member Usage at No Charge – Members may use the facilities at no charge for Rites of Passage (such as Baptism/Christening, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Memorial Service) and accompanying receptions. This does not include annual milestones such as birthday parties or anniversaries. No fee will apply to parties thrown by members to which the whole congregation is invited through invitation published in the Unigram. Member will provide clean up after event.

Members’ Fee List – applies to rental by the individual member for a personal event.  It is not to be used by members to secure a lower fee on behalf of another individual or any organization to which the member belongs. Security deposit of $60 and a signed contract are required. Member will provide clean up after the event.

Member Rental Fees (approved by Board of Trustees 11/2012)


Social Hall

Full Day

½ Day   (up to 6 hours)




Kitchen (add-on)    30.00
Sanctuary  200.00
Library    40.00
Classroom    35.00
Whole Building

(offices and room 1 off limits)



Non-Member’s Fee List – applies to rental by non-members for a personal event.  Security deposit of $60 and a signed contract are required. Renter will provide clean up after the event.

Page 7.

Non-Member Rental Fees (approved by Board of Trustees 11/2012)


Social Hall

Full Day

½ Day   (up to 6 hours)




Kitchen (add-on)    50.00
Sanctuary  300.00
Library    60.00
Classroom    50.00
Whole Building

(offices and room 1 off limits)




Custodial Services

Bill Dolley, our part-time Sexton, is in charge of cleaning, maintaining, and repairing our building and grounds.  He is available for setting up and cleaning up official congregational events if given advance notice.  The Administrator is the liaison to the Sexton, contact our Administrator to coordinate your event.


Page 8.



Library      ___Check that all lights and heat/AC are off.

___Make sure door is locked.


RE Wing    ___Make sure door to playground is pulled shut all the way. It locks automatically unless it has been manually unlocked. To manually lock the bar, use the allen wrench located on the shelf to right of door.

___Turn down heat/AC. Thermostats are inside doors to Rooms 8 and 9.  Leave fan in “auto” position, leave heat/AC in “on” position,” and set thermostat to 74 degrees.

___Turn off all lights in classrooms and RE hall.


Office Hall  ___Lock Administrator’s office (doorknob lock on inside.)

___Turn off lights to Admin and RE office, in hall next to RE office door.

___Turn off lights in Room 1, Nursery, restrooms and hallway.

___Make sure double doors to driveway are pulled shut all the way.  It locks automatically.


Kitchen      ___Turn off all lights and fans.

___Make sure kitchen door is pulled shut all the way.  It locks automatically.


Social Hall  ___Turn off lights.

___Turn off heat/AC (press “Cancel”.)

___Make sure patio doors are locked. To lock you must hold the door handle up to drop the pins into the holes in the ground, then turn knobs vertical to lock.


Sanctuary  ___Check that Minister’s study is locked and door to courtyard is locked.

___Turn off all lights from switches at center rear of Sanctuary.


Foyer          ___Lock front doors.  There are locks on both doors, a turnkey lock on one and a side-of-door lock on the other.


Building     ___Be sure all unauthorized people are out of the building. Check the OOS for scheduled meetings taking place, their location and whether childcare is provided during the event; anyone not taking part in a scheduled activity/meeting should be asked to leave the building before the board member leaves.

Room 8 will remain open only for children and youth whose parents are present in the building taking part in a scheduled event/meeting; parents assume ultimate responsibility for supervision and behavior.

All suspicions of trespassing will require calling the police and that the police escort the key holder into the building so that the safety of the key holder is not jeopardized.


Board Member:________________________________________________




If a group is still meeting after you have closed up the building, please pass this along to the leader of the group.


Passed this to Authorized Person:  Name/Time:_______________________________________