If you are seeking a place to join together in marriage, to celebrate a birth, or remember the passing of a loved one, welcome!

Whatever your situation, walk of life, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity, we are honored to walk beside you in this meaningful journey and hope to assist you with this observance of life and love.

People are often drawn to Unitarian Universalist congregations for rites of passage for a number of reasons. Perhaps you are not actively religious, but seek a more meaningful ceremony than a civil one. You may be searching for a service than recognizes and respects different religious traditions.

You need not be a member of the Congregation to request these services, although you may want to attend a service or otherwise familiarize yourself with our history and traditions.

Our minister is available to officiate weddings and funerals, according to terms negotiated with him. You can contact Rev. Stephen Robinson (RevStephen@uucolumbia.org) at: any time.  Our Congregation also welcomes leaders from other faiths to attend and assist with the ceremony.