Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia

Board of Trustees

Minutes of October 16, 2013 Meeting



Trustees present:  Ivy Coleman (Co-President), Robin Scherer (Co-President), Regina Moody (President Elect), Buzzie Kelly (Secretary), Bob Whitaker (Treasurer); Members at Large: Sandy Chubon, Marc Drews, Caroline Eastman, and Jerry Moore; Ex-Officio Members: Linda Brennison (Finance Committee Co-Chair) and Ann Johnson (Past President). Also attending (partial attendance): Betsy Kaemmerlen and Pat Mohr.


Call to Order and Establishment of Quorum

The meeting was called to order by Robin at 6:40 p.m. She noted a quorum was present.


Reading and Check-In

Marc read a selection by Eckhart von Hochheim. All present gave brief personal updates to check in.


Approval of Minutes

On a motion by Marc, seconded by Ivy, the minutes of the September 18, 2013 meeting were approved as amended.



The schedules for Service Announcements and Board Readings/Chalice Lighting were posted.


Balancing Act

Board members are in the process of reviewing the document “Balancing Acts: Keeping Children Safe in Congregations” on the UUA website. It was suggested that this document be made part of the new Board member orientation. Robin will ask the Task Force if Board members need to fill out a form attesting that they have read the document or if verbal confirmation will be sufficient.


Website Progress

Caroline Eastman, Board liaison to the Technology Services Committee, reported that the Committee Night training was a partial success. Several committees have now updated their web pages, including Animal Ministry, Finance, and CYRE. The Coffee House has also been re-linked to the UUCC website. Caroline has agreed to update the Board information on the website until Andrea comes back to work, or it is determined who is in charge of these updates.


Some of the committees weren’t present at the Committee Night training and so need to learn how to update their pages. Robin suggested holding an “open house” for committees on a Saturday. Caroline agreed to ask the Technology Services Committee to put together an open house. Caroline also reminded Board members to check out other UU websites and pass on ideas to her.


Bob asked if there was a way to find out who actually uses the website and which pages are visited and how often. Caroline explained that the information is available; she will investigate and let the Board know what data can be collected.


It was noted that the sermons are listed alphabetically by title, which makes it impossible to search by date. Caroline will look into the situation and see about making it also searchable by date. It was also suggested that the final report of the Chalice Lighter Grant Report be posted along with photos of the patio, playground, windows in the foyer and other items paid for with grant money.


Fall Flings

Linda reported that registrations for Fall Flings are behind this year. Last year at this point 75% of the goal had been reached; this year we are at 53%. The Finance Committee requested that Board members help out after services with Fall Fling sign-ups and passed out a sign-up sheet to assist. The Finance Committee is wondering if the low response to the Fall Flings is worth the effort for next year.



The financial policy and procedures manual draft from Jackie Breland CPA is in draft form but will wait for additional work until Andrea is back in the office.


The Safe Congregation / Disruptive Behavior Task force is starting up again, with Robin Scherer and Caroline Eastman named as new members.


Committee Reports

There was no Administrator’s Report while Andrea Dudick remains out on medical leave. Ivy is coordinating coverage and Joan Watterson is publishing a list of volunteers who have agreed to answer the phone.


The DRE Report noted that Kate Noel Wells has started in the position of RE Assistant. Her office is located in the copier room; she currently doesn’t have a phone.


Memorial Garden

Betsy Kaemmerlen and Pat Mohr were in attendance for a discussion of the proposed meditation structure in the memorial garden. The Board went outside into the memorial garden to get a better feel for what the proposed structure would look like. It was agreed that the current proposal seemed overwhelming in the space available. On a motion from Robin, seconded by Jerry, the Board voted unanimously to form an ad hoc Memorial Garden Committee with Pat Mohr as the chair, given the authority to settle on a redesign and determine the price. The committee will also design a fundraising project to pay for the structure.


Treasurer’s Report

Bob handed out the Treasurer’s Report and noted that there is a positive variance this month.


Shandon Tour of Homes

Jean Capalbo has agreed to be the point person for the Shandon Tour of Homes. Suggestions were made by Board members to have docents with a “script” to explain the history and use of the building, music (from one or more of our choirs), decorations, and a craft booth. Robin will check with Jean to determine what assistance is needed. The tour guide write up is due on October 21, and Robin said she may prepare it.


Email Vote and Other Committee Nominations

Robin noted that an email vote confirmed that Kate Noel Wells be offered the position of RE Assistant at the rate of $14.50/hour.


On a motion from Linda, seconded by Bob, the Board voted unanimously to ask the Leadership Development Committee to recommend a slate of candidates to serve on the Endowment Committee, which will be presented by the November 20 Board meeting.  It was noted that once a slate of candidates is offered, the Board will be responsible for nominating the slate at a congregational meeting, which will need to be scheduled.


In accordance with the UUCC Safety Policies and Procedures for Children and Youth Served, adopted in the August Board meeting, the SMART (Sexual Misconduct and Abuse Response Team) will consist of Keitha Whitaker, Neal Jones (Minister), Lisa Eason (RE Director), Robin and/or Ivy (Board Co-President), and Marc Drews (Board member).


Action Items

Below are the action items to be followed up at the next Board meeting.

  1. Robin will ask the Safe Congregation Task Force if Board members need to fill out a form attesting that they have read the document “Balancing Acts: Keeping Children Safe in Congregations” on the UUA website or if verbal confirmation will be sufficient.
  2. Caroline will ask the Technology Services Committee to create an “open house” meeting on a Saturday to train committee chairs who were unable to attend the Committee Night Training to learn how to access and update their committee’s web page.
  3. Board members will check other UU websites and bring or email suggestions to Caroline for redesign ideas for the UUCC website.
  4. Caroline will continue to provide an update on the website at Board meetings.
  5. Caroline will investigate what visitor information can be gathered for the website and will explain it at the next Board meeting.
  6. Robin will talk with Jean Capalbo about the Shandon Tour of Homes and ask her to find out what Shandon’s expectations are for the participants and to determine what assistance is needed.
  7. Robin will prepare the write-up for the Shandon tour guide, which is due on October 21.
  8. Robin will ask the Leadership Development Committee to recommend a slate of candidates to serve on the Endowment Committee.
  9. [carryover from previous Board meeting] Robin will ask Andrea Dudick (UUCC Administrator) about the origin of the Lifetouch photography/directory project and will report to the Board at an upcoming meeting.


Items for Congregational Meeting

An additional item discussed at this Board meeting that requires a congregational vote is listed below in order to maintain a record:

  1. Voting on a slate of candidates nominated by the Board to serve on the Endowment Committee.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:24 p.m.



Respectfully submitted by Buzzie Kelly, Secretary