Each Sunday after service Young Adult members are invited to meet each other by looking for the table that is set up just for you!  It is indicated by a UUYA sign displayed on it.  Once there you can have a snack and get to know other like-minded, yet diverse young adults, brought together by a liberal worldview and a desire for a safe space in which to find community, volunteer for causes important to us, and discover ourselves. Several times a year we offer opportunities outside of Sunday to enjoy activities such as games night, pizza dinner, an art crawl, etc.  Membership will be open to any individual eighteen to twenty-five, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation/identity, or ability.
This group communicates by a private snapchat account so if you would like more information please reach out to Bethany Storlazzi, the adult facilitator, by phone or by text at 803-873-7455