We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person.  We believe that every person should have the same rights and privileges, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religious beliefs, or physical capabilities.  We work to bring better awareness and understanding about issues of fairness and equality.  If you believe what we believe, we hope you will join us at our next committee meeting.

Examples of our activities include group volunteer days at Transitions and Harvest Hope, the Inclement Weather Shelter, the Seeds of Hope Farmers Market and the Share the Plate Program.

Just Acts: Calling All UUs-- It’s a Critical Moment for Migrant Justice! (from the UUA)

We must say not in our name and end child detention. We CAN Shut Down Homestead if we all pull together. And through this campaign we can build our strength to eventually end all detention and deportation and build toward the dismantling of white supremacy. Here’s what we need you to do:

  1. Sign the Petition to Close Down the Homestead Child Detention Center . Our coalition’s goal is to get to 100,000 signatures and deliver them to the Health and Human Services Department which has the power to shut Homestead down. We will also deliver the petition to Members of Congress.
  2. Help children write letters to Congress Download our letter-writing toolkit for children. This can be a family and congregational activity.
  3. Join UUs for Social Justice on June 12th in Washington DC to deliver the petition and letters.
  4. Join Side with Love and UU Justice Florida in Homestead, Florida (30 miles from Miami) for the June 16th Action on Father’s Day at Homestead!

And while we go on the offensive we also need to protect each other from the administration’s criminalization of those who seek to address this humanitarian crisis.

Tell the US Attorney’s Office: Drop the charges against No More Deaths Volunteer Dr. Scott Warren--Humanitarian Aid is NOT a Crime!

Upcoming Events

Seeds Of Hope Farmers Market: Jun 16 - Aug 4


10:30am-12:30pm.  The Seeds of Hope project is an annual project in which UUCC sponsors a fresh market stand in front of the church Farmer's Market Bannerbeginning each Sunday. Last summer we sold over $550 worth of produce for Farmer Louis Reid who has become well known to us over the years as the farmer that has supplied us with the fresh fruits and vegetables.  We need volunteers to work our table!  Please sign up by emailing bwesteren@hotmail.com or click the link below:
Sign up now!

Feeding the Hungry at Transitions: Sat, June 8th

UUCC has a continuing commitment to help serve the evening meal at Transitions Homeless Recovery Center, 2025 Main Street in Columbia, on the second Saturday of every month. Please arrive by 5:15, as the service window is 5:30 to 6:00. Park in the Transitions lot. Sign in at the Security Office. Remember to bring a hat unless you prefer to wear one of the disposable hair nets they provide. We have stools for anyone who might find it uncomfortable to stand for 30 minutes. Please email Bob at bobwhit46@gmail.com if you are available.

Social Action Committee Meeting: Sun, June 23

12:30pm in the sanctuary.  All welcome.  Please join us!  Any questions, please contact socialaction@uucolumbia.org.

SC Fair Maps

The problem: Gerrymandered Maps SC Fair Maps is a bipartisan coalition of individual advocates and organizations working to empower voters in the Palmetto State by passing legislation to create a citizens’ commission that would draw district lines. That power now rests with lawmakers, who draw “safe” districts to benefit themselves and their parties rather than the people they were entrusted to serve. UUCC plans to work with SC Fair Maps to get signatures for their petition.  Check back soon for more info.  fairmapssc.comFollow their facebook page to get up to date info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/631723933934921/

A Welcoming Congregation for Transgender Folks

Gender buttonsDid you attend our "Thinking Outside the Gender Box" teach-in?  If not, you can find more info here. In an effort to become a more welcoming congregation, there are a few changes going on.  Our board has approved new signage for our bathrooms.  The new signage will read, “Gender diversity is welcomed here.  All are welcome to use the restroom that best fits their identity.” We've also got new buttons at our welcome table that show our pronouns and "I'll go with you" buttons, offering to go with transgender people to the bathroom so they will feel less threatened.  If you have questions about any of these new steps or suggestions for other steps we should be taking, please contact Laura Hartwig at SocialAction@uucolumbia.org.  (Buttons generously provided by Jesse of PackALunchButtons.com)



Be sure to see our Past Social Justice Activities and Charitable Activities

Every Friday - Transitions Library Volunteer Staff

For the past 6 years, UUCC has staffed the Transitions Library 4-5 p.m. on Friday. This is a wonderful opportunity to be part of providing a much-needed quiet area, recreational reading, and a source of information to the clients of Transitions. The work is fun and involves checking materials in and out and re-shelving. It is a great way to get to meet folks from a variety of backgrounds who have in common a lack of housing. The goal is to identify 8-9 UUCC members/friends who are willing to staff the library one Friday (4-5 p.m.) every couple of months. Training will be provided and you will be accompanied for your first time. No prior experience or special skills are needed. Phil Turner will schedule volunteers and lead the training. Please email him (pturner@unt.edu) if you are interested or have questions. Thank you!

Collecting Donations for Harvest Hope Food Bank

Please bring your donations such as canned soups, vegetables, fruits, juices, peanut butter (in plastic jars), and pastas. Another very necessary item always needed is disposable diapers - all sizes - including adults. Remember to shop those" Buy one Get one Free" specials for the best bargains. Don't forget also that they need those plastic grocery bags. They may not be recyclable but they use them to bag groceries for their clients. Bring them in and we will see that they get them because they never have enough.

Shelter Donations November-March

The Inclement Weather Center - the winter shelter for the homeless - is open from November thru March when the temperature falls to 40F or lower. The Social Action Committee collects magazines and unused personal-sized toiletries for clients using the shelter, operated by Transitions staff and volunteers during those months.  Please hold your donations until November when we will be collecting again. Gloves, warm hats and winter clothing will then be accepted.  For more information about donating or about how to volunteer at the shelter, contact Tom Clements, tomclements329@cs.com, cell 803-240-7268.

Newberry UU Announces Sanctuary Status

Clayton Memorial UU Church has announced their intention to be a sanctuary church. The address is 334 Clayton Memorial Church Rd, Newberry, SC 29108.  We plan to support them when they lets us know what their needs are. In the meantime, please post supportive messages to their website and facebook pages to offset the negative messages they are receiving. Also, be sure to show your support by signing here: http://bit.ly/support-CMUU.  The form indicates an organization, but specifically states that signing shows YOUR support, not that of the organization.