We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person.  We believe that every person should have the same rights and privileges, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religious beliefs, or physical capabilities.  We work to bring better awareness and understanding about issues of fairness and equality.  If you believe what we believe, we hope you will join us at our next committee meeting.

Examples of our activities include group volunteer days at Transitions and Harvest Hope, the Seeds of Hope farmer’s market, and the Share the Plate Program.

Upcoming Events

Social Action Committee Meeting: Sun, July 9th 12:30pm

Meet us at 12:30pm after the service in classroom 5. Bring your ideas and enthusiasm because there is work to be done!

June-August: Seeds of Hope

Farmer's Market BannerSeeds of Hope is a wonderful fresh market held in front of our church from June 18th to August 6th. Every Sunday we sell fresh produce from 10:30 until 1:00 as a part of a community wide program to assist low income farmers. It is a great time for our neighbors walking by to stop and make a purchase and see the smiling faces of the two different volunteers that work the produce stand each Sunday. Of course our own members and friends look forward to this each year as a chance to buy fresh fruits and veggies and help out our returning Farmer Louis Reid. It is now time to start signing up for those Sundays that you can serve as a smiling face representing UUCC. We desperately need volunteers!  Please send an email to Bauer at bwesteren@hotmail.com to let him know when you are available or click here to sign up. 

Fri, Oct 20, 2017, 7pm: Pride Parade

Each year we make a great showing at the Pride Parade with our decorated float. This year the parade will be at 7pm and will be the first ever night-time parade. Last year we had nearly 50 members and friends participate in the parade. Our Social Action Committee recognizes our role in the community and our need to have a presence in taking an active part in social justice events. We want the community to know who we are and what we stand for. It was evident in the parade that we were known for what we believe in as our group was cheered while our float went by. We want to be known as an organization that has an outreach for social justice. Plan on wearing your yellow Standing on the Side of Love shirts and join us for this fun event!

Healthcare for All

Senate leaders are planning a vote on the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) within the next week even though the bill was just released!  As it stands, it has the potential to do serious harm to many South Carolinians, and could be especially devastating those living with HIV.

Please contact Senators Graham and Scott through SC Equality now and tell them to stop playing politics with our healthcare!

This bill could cause 23 million Americans could lose their health coverage. Premiums will likely go up by 20%. Coverage for health care basics like prescription drugs and maternity care could end. The bill will also end Medicaid as we know it, and it will gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Find out more on our Healthcare Resource Page

Feeding the Hungry

Feeding hungry kids

As we head into the summer months and school will soon be letting out Harvest Hope will have an increased need for food supplies. Canned vegetables and fruits, canned juices, peanut butter, canned meats, and pasta. With children out of school they will not be getting that extra reduced and free meals program that they get during the school year. This means the meals they get at home will be limited. Your increased donations will be very helpful in filling up the shelves. Also there is always a continued need for baby and adult diapers. Remember NO GLASS CONTAINERS please. We cannot deliver those to Harvest Hope. Also, if you use plastic grocery bags, please save them and bring them in for Harvest Hope. They never have enough. They use these to bag up groceries for various purposes. They are always in need of more. Please bring your donations to the UUCC Community Room.  Find out more about their child feeding programs and how big the need is in our area.

Homeless Shelter

UUCC has a continuing commitment to help serve the evening meal at Transitions Homeless Recovery Center, 2025 Main Street in Columbia, on the second Saturday of every month.  This consists of serving  plates behind a service line, and one person handing out the full plates as the clients walk through the line. One person hands out cans of soda, and another counts the numbers served, while holding up the line if the servers need time to catch up.  I am sure that some kind words and smiles to the folks being served go a long way to helping them get through some difficult times.  If volunteering, please arrive in the kitchen office no later than 5:15, as the service window is 5:30 to 6:00. You may park in the Transitions lot.  Sign in at the Security Office and get a VISITOR Pass (new requirement I’m told).  Remember to bring a hat unless you prefer to wear one of the disposable hair nets they provide. They also provide disposable gloves and aprons, and we have two stools for anyone who might find it uncomfortable to stand for 30 minutes. Please email Bob at bobwhit46@gmail.com if you are available.

Refugee Crisis

welcome-neighbors-signWhat are we Doing About the Refugee Crisis?
Don’t miss the big Welcome Neighbors banner that is now hanging on the brick wall at the front entrance to our church. The Social Action Committee is very excited about finally completing this project after much discussion and research to be  sure it was exactly what we wanted. There was much input from many in the congregation and a unanimous agreement that this was the sentiment that we wanted to express to the community to tell everyone that UUCC welcomes all people. We also believe it makes a statement about immigration and refugee acceptance. Thanks to all who had a part in making this happen.

Immigration Resources


Once again we have a full order of Standing on the Side of Love T-shirts but they are going fast. The price is $22 for short sleeve.  Long sleeve are $25 and are special order. Please contact socialaction@uucolumbia.org if you would like a shirt. The proceeds from the shirt sales help to cover costs for the many Social Action activities beyond our budget.

Contact Us

Want to learn more? Contact us at socialaction@uucolumbia.org.


The Social Action Committee has its own Facebook page and we invite you to visit it often and be sure to “like” us while you’re there.  You can visit us in three easy steps:

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