Our congregation welcomes children and youth to enjoy and participate in our Sunday services with their families. These experiences are valuable to even our youngest children as they learn to engage with the rituals and love of our worship community. Each service comes with a “Story for All Ages” when children are asked to some to the front for a story they will love geared towards their understanding.

We also have a table of toys and quiet games and crafts that children can borrow from and enjoy while they sit.

For our preschool-aged and kindergarten friends and members who may not want to sit still, we offer childcare on Sundays when we are all together. Typically this care is open to infants, toddlers and children up to age 5, but, depending on the number of children, this is often flexible. We do not want you to be uncomfortable with wiggly children in a service. Find a Children and Youth Religious Exploration (CYRE) representative before or during a service if you have any concerns.

To supplement the experience of sitting in our all-age services, two or three times each month, we offer personalized experiences oriented towards our young members and friends in the CYRE wing during Sunday services.

Children may find a Sunday with special snacks during the social hour after service- just for them!

Consult our calendar or contact our CYRE Committee with questions or for clarification –rechair@uucolumbia.org.

PreK through 5, Childcare services are offered Sundays from 10:30 to 12:30.



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