The UU Animal Ministry (UUAM) advocates for the rights of all animals through education, legislation and other peaceful means.  We seek to exclude all forms of neglect and cruelty to animals. We engage in concrete actions that bring about change at the individual, congregational, community, and societal level.

Coming Up

Grab your leashes or pick up your crates!! The Seventh Annual Blessing of the Animals is less than a month away!! The event will be held on Sunday November 5 at 3:00 P.M. with Rev Jeff will be officiating. We will all gather on the Heyward side of the church, beside the playground. After a brief sermon and general blessing, Rev Jeff will welcome anyone who wishes to bring their pet forward for an individual blessing.

VanDenBerg FamilyAll Animals are welcome – we have in the past had chickens, rats and even a lizard! We extend this invitation to all members of the congregation, even if you do not have a pet, come and join in the fun! We do require that you use leashes or carriers, for your safety and for the welfare of your pet. If for whatever reason your pet cannot be present (perhaps he is too stimulated by a crowd, or your pet has passed away) bring a representation of your of him or her (for example, a photo or toy) and an appropriate blessing will be bestowed.

This event is sponsored by the Animal Ministry and is complimentary. We will have treats for the dogs (take home for the cats), and people treats, of course. Dog toys as well as cat toys will also be available at no cost

If you should have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Anita Grossman ( with any concerns!

Recent Activities

Bark to the Park
The Animal Ministry had a team to walk in the annual Bark to the Park event to benefit Pawmetto Lifeline on Saturday, April 8, 2016. Donations were gratefully accepted to help Pawmetto Lifeline, an animal rescue organization that works to address the problems created by pet overpopulation and include: Adoption, Medical, Rescue, and Education.


PurePlant Nation

In March, the Animal Ministry (UUAM) sponsored a showing of the next film in our Ethical Eating series, PlantPure Nation.  It relates to a plant-based diet, research into its efficacy, and the struggles for official political recognition. Once again, we collaborated with Columbia Veg (our local vegetarian society).  We began with vegan snacks prior to, and during intermission. It was followed with a lively discussion.

Blessing of the Animals

Blessing of the Animals Poster



On November 6th, we held our annual Blessing of the Animals.  Once again this year, Rev. Jennie Barrington officiated.  As always, it was a good time for the animals and their people.Blessing of the Animals, 2016Rev. Jennie with dog






On Sunday, October 16th, we held a vegan pot luck in our social hall.  The speaker for the evening was Trisha Mandes, MPHN, who spoke about “Dietary disease prevention and reversal: an introduction to the evidence.”  This meal was a joint venture between the Animal Ministry, Columbia Veg, and, for the first time, the SC Progressive Network.  It was a great success with over 90 people in attendance.

Main Activities of the Animal Ministry:

  • Education: We coordinate with Religious Education (RE) to engage the children utilizing their programs (e.g., Hogwarts), through books and speakers (e.g., Carolina Wildlife Care).  In addition, we have festivals such as the Blessing of the Animals.  Through Meatless Mondays and our various vegan events, cooking classes, and recipe sharing, we encourage lifestyle changes directly related to reducing animal cruelty.
  • Legislation: We lobby our SC legislators on bills directly related to animal welfare.  We attend legislative committee and subcommittee meetings and help to publicize animal welfare causes both within and outside of the congregation.
  • Charitable: The Animal Ministry supports Pawmetto Lifeline and other animal welfare groups in the midlands by publicizing and participating in their events.Rev. Barrington blesses dogVanDenBerg Family