The mission of the UUCC is to nurture and respect each other in our spiritual growth and pursuit of meaning and to create a welcoming and engaging environment through which we work for positive change in the community and the world.

UUCC Congregational Covenant

In the spirit of love I promise to live and embody it.

There is spirit here. I promise to kindle and sustain it.

There is trust here. I promise to build and honor it.

There is forgiveness here.  I promise to give and seek it.

There is hope here. I promise to feed and grow it.

Every human being is different. I promise to practice inclusiveness.

There is injustice throughout the world. I promise to actively oppose it everywhere.

Communication is important. I promise to communicate with kindness, candor, and honesty, especially with those with whom I disagree.

Everyone is suffering. I promise to extend compassion to all in times of need.