Holiday Pageant

Holiday Pageant: A Very Martian Holiday’ that allows us to glimpse our holiday from a different perspective

Jesus and the Syrophoenician Woman

There are many reasons why Unitarian Universalists should familiarize themselves with the Bible. For one, we live in a society dominated by Christian culture that requires a certain degree of literacy on our parts to engage meaningfully. More important, there are stories in the Bible – often overlooked stories – with deep meaning for UUs.


Christmas Eve Service:  From ancient times, stories tell of lights guiding us toward answers, toward revelation.  But what are our questions?  What frames our view of revealed truth and allows us to choose the right path?

New Year’s Eve- The Real Work of Christmas

For two months we have withstood the bombardment of TV commercials and the Bacchanalia that is Christmas in America. Well, what next? Needles are falling; bags of wrapping paper are at the curb. The real of work of Christmas is ready to begin.