Sowing Heresy, Growing Spirit

A church is like a farmer’s field. With care, the land produces a bountiful harvest. Sometimes, events beyond our control can restrict growth or ruin plants. Over time, we must rotate crops to maintain a healthy balance of nutrients in the soil. Our future depends on the seeds we sow and our cultivating the land.

Flower Communion–Religion Nouveau

Alphonse Mucha was a Czech artist who founded the Art Nouveau movement in the mid-1890’s in Paris. Mucha’s “new” approach to applied art influenced design and architecture for decades. Perhaps the time has come for a similarly organic approach to religion, emulating the floral designs in nature.

Easter – “Thicker than Blood”

Blood is a powerful religious metaphor.  Our Christian colleagues just remembered the blood of Jesus on the cross.  Our Jewish colleagues this week remember the blood as the sign for death to pass over houses in Egypt.  What has the power of blood for Unitarian Universalists?