Some of our programs are educational including subjects about Jim Crow laws regarding our prisons, Talking to our Children about Racism, and Human Trafficking.

Environmental Injustice of Preparing for Nuclear War

Mon, Jan 27, 2020: Environmental Injustice of Preparing for Nuclear War

The speaker was be Tom Clements, UUCC member and director of Savannah River Site Watch ( and the presentation and discussion will be about dangerous plans at DOE’s SRS, near Aiken, SC, for a Plutonium Bomb Plant to fabricate over 4000 plutonium cores for new nuclear weapons. Letter available to send to key members of Congress. For more information, contact Tom at 803-834-3084, tomclements329@cs.comFact Sheet for More Information about plutonium pits and the problems they pose.

Movie & Discussion

Apr 2,2017: Our fifth Community Conversation was the screening of the Tavis Smiley Reports Special “MLK: A Call to Conscience”, one of MLK’s most notable speeches, “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence”. It commemorated the 50th anniversary of the actual speech given on April 4, 1967.  Following the screening there was a Q & A session led by a well-informed panel including  David Matos, President of Carolina Peace Resource Center, Dr. David Crockett, Professor at USC,  Ty dePass, a Simple Justice #BlackLivesMatter activist, and Meeghan Kane of  Benedict College and editor of Auntie Bellum. Dr. Richard McLeod of UUCC was the moderator. The panel answered thought provoking questions with well-reasoned answers and it was a very informative event.  Listen to our panel discussion below.


Refugee Crisis

Jan 15, 2017: Defying the Nazis
The Community Conversation was a film and discussion calling attention to the refugee situation that we are currently facing. The film title was “Defying the Nazis: Sharps’ War.” This was an account of a daring rescue mission. It tells the story of a Unitarian minister and his wife, who helped to save hundreds of imperiled political dissidents and Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazi occupation across Europe. We enjoyed an audience of over 50 in attendance at this event which was attended by both UU members as well as guests from the community.


Marc Drews engaging audience at "Talking to your Children about Racism" Conference
Marc Drews engaging audience at "Talking to your Children about Racism" Conference

Feb 21, 2016: Talking to our Children about Racism
A panel of educators, experts, and community leaders focused on children and helping them succeed in a diverse, multicultural world present research and best practices, suggestions and guidance. Our children are bombarded with news accounts of racially-motivated disturbances and shootings, protests and flaring emotions, political ads and campaign rhetoric that appeal to people's fears and prejudices. It is important that we, as adults, give children reasoned and appropriate guidance on the issue of race. Panelists offered ways to talk with our children, from toddlers to teens, about the issue of race and its effect on the world they—and we—inhabit.

Racism Conference Panel