Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia

Sunday Services begin at 11:00 a.m.

July 30, 2017 Topic:  Black Lives Matter, Speaker:  Ty DePass

August 6, 2017 Topic:  SOS: Supporting our Schools: What community and faith-based groups can do, Speaker:  Dr. Baron Davis, Superintendent of Richland School District Two

Forum Topics  (For adults interested in discussing current issues on a wide range of topics. Meets on Sundays at 9:30 a.m., in the library building at the side of the property.)

July 30, 2017  We should start Victory Gardening!

August 6, 2017  How does traditional courtesy relate to women’s equality (e.g. women and children first, opening doors for women, etc.)?

August 13, 2017  “Ageism”-The gulf between young and old.

August 20, 2017  Should we just be open?

Children and Youth Religious Exploration
Check out what is happening with Religious Exploration classes and their extracurricular activities here.

New Minister
It is official!  Our new called minister is Jeff Liebman.  He will be joining us in August.

Updated UUCC Directory
Our new UUCC Directory will be available soon.  If any part of your basic information has changed, please contact our Administrator as soon as possible so that all will be up-to-date.

Building Renovation Update
The Committee on Building Renovation wishes to let everyone know the reason for the recent delay in completing the bid plans. We had a design issue that involves widening the opening between the Sanctuary and Social Hall. The new solution took a few extra weeks to redesign and redraw. Delays are frustrating to us all, but we are determined to do the job right even if it takes a bit longer. We expect the new solution to be less expensive and easier to construct. According to our Architect, the final plans are expected this week. With that expectation, the Board has authorized the CBR to invite bids from Contractors this month. Our target to begin construction has slipped; August 1st has been our target and we will miss that, but are aiming to get a Contractor on board and begin construction in late August or early September. We will keep you posted.
Quillin Davis, Chair,

Partner Church Update
The UUCC Partner Church Committee invites you to view the Senior Prom of the Sigismund School, Kolosvar (Cluj) Romania. We have nothing quite like it in US Senior Proms, as you will see.
This graduating class is part of a 1,000 student, Unitarian school, the Vice Principal of which is Rev. Zsolt Solymosi. Rev. Zsolt volunteers to serve as pastor of the Bezsterce Unitarian Congregation and travels every other weekend for 5 hours round trip in order to serve them. UUCC has a friendship of 25 years with the little group in Bezsterce. ENJOY!

Short Course:  American Grace
This course on the sociology of American religion is based on the book by Robert D. Putnam and David E. Campbell American Grace (2010, revised 2012).  See comments under praise section at www.americangrace.org. Putnam is a distinguished political scientist at Harvard University, while Campbell is a professor of political science at Notre Dame.
American Grace is based on extensive surveys of religion and public life in America. Studies of congregations complement interview findings. The book assesses both the sociology of American religion and its directions of change. The course should assist those who are active in religious groups to understand and work with the dynamics of congregations. For instance, among other topics, we will consider such issues as why members join congregations, why they stay, and why they leave.
There will be a charge of $ 5.00 for the course, to cover the price of the copied materials and an outline of the text. The course will meet in the library for an hour and a half on alternate Sundays, starting at 1:00 PM after services. It will meet in seven sessions, with the first class on September 3, and continuing on September 17, October 1, October 15, October 29, November 12, and December 3, with necessary adjustments as the course progresses. The instructor will be Don Cooper. Don’s e-mail is dnldcooper@gmail.com, with a mobile phone (803) 466-5087. Prospective participants should contact him before the end of August, preferably by e-mail.
Before the course starts, participants should obtain a copy of the paperback revision of the book (2012). Sources such as Amazon and addall.com can supply it at about half the list price.

Children and Adult Chalice Lighters Needed
Celebrating a special occasion?  A rite of passage?  Have ou had a recent accompishment you would like to share with us?  Then, by all means, please see Ceren Farr after a service to sign up ( she will be walking around with a clipboard).  This helps us build community and we could really use your participation!

CYRE Fair Trade Coffee Sales
We are once again selling Fair Trade Coffee after the services to raise money for our youth to travel to Boston.  We are also holding a raffle.  All that is required to enter the raffle is inquisitiveness about the Coffee Sales.  What do you win? Coffee, of course!  So find out how our coffee sales work and enter to win a free bag of Fair Trade Coffee!

The Mountain:  Save the Dates
Our annual weekend at The Mountain has been changed by popular demand from the spring to the fall season.  So put the dates on your calendars:  September 29 – October 1.   We especially want to invite those who have never been to The Mountain.  It is a beautiful setting in the Blue Ridge Mountain range and a wonderful experience.  Contact Joan Watterson with questions at (803) 787-7873 or joan.l.watterson@icloud.com