Religion in Early America

Our national mythology suggests that our religious history was the simple story of a band of brave Englishfolk (mainly men), who came to New England in search of religious freedom.  What that meant in the context of Early America and the Reformation is this Sunday’s exploration.

Out of Chaos Comes Creation

According to Hebrew and other legend, the world was formed from chaos.  As John the Seer describes in the Book of Revelation, we are in the period of re-creation.  The re-creation will emerge from chaos.  Our role is to co-create with the Divine … read more.

Nurturing Your Prophetic Voice

During the recent tragedies of injustice we have felt compelled to end our silence. Finding your prophetic voice to speak out against injustice can be both liberating and terrifying. Our worship will focus on learning to responsibly nurture our prophetic voice while staying grounded in … read more.