Leaving Room for Compassion

The second UU principle and purpose invites us to justice, equity, and compassion in human relations.  We can often get self-protective and, individualistic, and politically divided.  Leaving room for compassion in our lives not only creates a healthier culture, but can also help us live … read more.

Water Communion

UUs have been celebrating Water Communions since 1980.  It has been a longstanding tradition at UUCC.  This Communion is also known as a Water Ceremony or In-gathering and is the way we begin the new church year.  We ask that you bring in a small … read more.

Love is Anarchy

Join us for a Service with the words and wisdom of Unitarian, Utah Phillips.
Utah Phillips was an outspoken free thinker, believer in individual integrity with regard to work ethic and labor practices. As a Folk Singer and Activist he decried Governmental shenanigans, Monopolies, and … read more.