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This Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, there is so much weighing on our hearts. Our nation is again in the grips of an enormous surge in COVID cases, overwhelming our hospitals and destabilizing schools, businesses, and more. Voting rights legislation is being held hostage yet again by elected leaders who refuse to protect us from election sabotage and voter suppression. Cultural battles are making their way into courtrooms, legislative sessions, and school board meetings, with opponents to abortion care, transgender rights, and honest conversation about race and white supremacy dominating the news and social media.

If ever there were a time our spirits needed nourishment, it is now.

So in the midst of all that is hard, Side With Love is honored to invite you to join us in this year’s 30 Days of Love – our annual season of spiritual nourishment, political deepening, and collective action to embody our values and work for collective liberation.

Each week of 30 Days of Love will focus on one of Side With Love’s intersectional justice priorities. Although each week will have a primary focus, you will notice a lot of overlap – demonstrating just how intersecting these issues are. Every week will include a variety of resources, activities, and opportunities for engagement for people of all ages. Check out our offerings here

Teaching Truth: Putting Students First

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