The Share the Plate nomination process has been completed. Here are the 2017 winners:

Share the Plate is a community outreach project that reflects the UUCC social justice philosophy. By donating one half of our Sunday non-pledge collection to a nonprofit group selected by the congregation, the UUCC gives back to the community in a meaningful and ongoing way.

Over the past six years we have donated over $73,000 to various charities and social justice organizations. Some of our recipients have been, South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center, Palmetto Place Center for Children, Congaree Riverkeeper, Free Medical Clinic, Planned Parenthood, Harriet Hancock Center, Harvest Hope, Columbia Family Shelter, Meals on Wheels, and Howlmore Animal Shelter.

The organization that is the recipient for the current month is asked to provide a representative to share with the congregation about the work that they are doing to help us better understand their mission and to spend time meeting our members.

January: Minister’s Discretionary Fund
February: Doctors Without Borders
March: Howlmore Animal Sanctuary
April: Congaree Riverkeeper
May: Planned Parenthood
June: Harvest Hope Food Bank
July: SC Appleseed Legal Justice
August: Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter
September: Harriet Hancock Center
October: Free Medical Clinic
November: UU Service Committee (Human Rights Programs)
December: Columbia Family Shelter

Actual vote counts can be found here.


Who would you like to see as a recipient of 2018 Share the Plate Contributions?

UUCC donates half of our cash collections each month to an outside charity or social justice organization chosen by our members. This year there are eleven categories of recipients determined by the Share the Plate Committee. Now is the time to be thinking about what organizations you would like to nominate for any one of these categories. The nominating process begins October 1. The qualifying nominees must be a 501(c)(3) non- profit organization that is not affiliated with UUA. To confirm the status, check the organization’s website to determine if it is a 501(c)(3).

Share the Plate Schedule for 2018.

October 1 – 15: The Share the Plate committee will accept and vet nominations from the Congregation for 2018 recipients.
October 15 – October 29: Share the Plate Committee determines the final two recipient nominees in each category and creates a voting ballot.
November 5 – November 19: The Congregation votes to select the final 2018 Share the Plate Recipients.
December 10 – The 2018 Share the Plate Recipients will be announced

Click here to print the Nomination Form or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Great New Changes 

Great new changes have been made for the Share the Plate program making it much more efficient and allowing for more categories. The Share the Plate Committee is redefining the Health Issue Category by dividing it into two categories. One will be Physical Health Issues and the other Mental Health Issues. In the past there was only the one category of Health Issues which did not allow both physical and mental health to be addressed equally. In order to reinforce our focus on addressing the needs of our local community a new category “Social Justice Issues” is replacing International Aid. These revised categories will appear on the Share the Plate Nomination for 2018.

We want you to be part of this process. A Share the Plate Nomination Table will be set up in the Social Hall beginning October 1 to October 15. We invite you to bring suggestions or materials to describe the qualifying community non-profit organizations that you would like to see the congregation nominate. Share the Plate Nominations forms will be available October 1, 2017.

The eleven categories are as follows:
Animal shelters/Animal services
Children’s services
Food banks/Food support
Environmental issues
Homeless shelters
Legal aid
LGBT issues
Mental Health issues
Physical Health issues
Social Justice Issues
Women’s issues

Share the Plate Nomination Form for 2018

Members and Friends age 16 and older are invited to nominate organizations to be our 2018 Share the Plate recipients. The UUCC donates half of our cash collections each month to an outside charity or social justice organization chosen by our members. Thanks to our congregation’s generosity, we have donated over $73,000 in Share the Plate contributions to community charities over the past six years. Voting will take place in November to choose the recipients from among the top two nominees in each category.

Categories: There are 11 categories of recipients, each of which will be selected for one month in 2018. Members and Friends can nominate organizations in one or more categories, provided it is a 501(c)(3) non- profit organization that is not affiliated with UUA. To confirm the status, check the organization’s website to verify that it is a 501(c)(3).


  • Animal shelters /Animal services

  • Children’s services

  • Food banks /Food support

  • Environmental issues

  • Homeless shelters

  • Legal aid

  • LGBT issues

  • Mental Health Issues

  • Physical Health issues

  • Social Justice Issues

  • Women’s issues