Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia

Board of Trustees

Minutes of April 20, 2016 Meeting


Marc Drews & Patty Drews (Co-Presidents), Phil Turner (President Elect), Sandy Chubon (Secretary), Linda Brennison (Treasurer).  Members at Large: Richard Culler, Donald Griggs, Patrick Saucier, Tim VanDenBerg.  Regina Moody (Past President), Joe Long (Chair, Finance Committee), Rev. Jennie Barrington (Interim Minister).

Absent: Janet Swigler.

Call To Order

Patty Drews called the meeting to order at 6:31 PM.  Patrick Saucier lit the chalice and provided opening words.  Members re-affirmed our Board Covenant.

Approval of Minutes

Deferred until the next Board meeting.

Staff Reports

Reports of the administrator, DRE, and interim minister were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

The total revenue shortfall for the year to date has increased to $12,666, a considerable increase over last month’s shortfall of $9,947.  Expenses are still slightly under budget.  We need to continue emphasis on this year’s pledges as well as next year’s canvass.

Review of Goals for Fiscal Year 2016

Regina pointed out that the goals on the interim assessment (which we share with UUA during the interim period) are not consistent with our board goals.  She says our activities should follow our bylaws but we don’t give our committees direction about what they are supposed to be doing, we have no system in place to communicate that information.

Committee Reports

Building & Grounds    We have an estimate to treat the mold in the RE wing for $3525.  There has been no action from the committee this month.

Denominational Connections    Richard Culler has a document ready to be published about the Board’s willingness to pay part of the registration for delegates to GA in June.  He sent it to the Denominational Connections Committee and got no response.  He will send it to Andrea to be published.

Finance Committee    The Committee will meet May 11 with the Board to review the budget prepared by the Committee.  Joe Long shared a list of people who have not pledged for next year.  Board members volunteered to call these people and remind them to submit their pledges.

Leadership Development Committee    Sandy Chubon presented the members of the Ministerial Search Committee recommended by the LDC: Linda Brennison, Rod Brown, David Crockett, Rebecca Drennan, Ann Johnson, Buzzie Kelly, Steve Lize.  The Board accepted the slate.  [Steve Lize resigned two days after this meeting and was replaced by Brian Dudick.]

Worship Committee   The Committee is planning a 2-3 day conference on Progressive Religion in August with Roger Ray as the keynote speaker.  The Committee is now requesting $1,000 from the Board to be used as seed money; they assure us it will be recouped from registration fees.  This is the first information the Board has received about the conference and they had numerous questions.  Marc will ask Richard McLeod to come to the board meeting next month and provide us with more information about the conference.  Linda reported that we have about $1,800 in the Board Contingency Fund.


Policy on Church-Sponsored Events    Tim reminded us that he circulated a policy at last month’s meeting; tonight will be the first reading of the policy.  Tim has received one comment from a board member.  There were no further comments.  The second reading will be at the May meeting.


Marc reminded us that the annual congregational meeting will be held May 22 and the congregational picnic will be held at Suzie Garland’s home on May 14.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:58 PM.

Minutes submitted by Sandy Chubon, Secretary