Committee Chair: Shannon Edwards

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Committee Members: Shannon Edwards, Linda McLeod, Richard McLeod, Linda Brennison, John Logue, Phil Turner, Lis Turner, Brandon Foster, David Bryan, Caroline Eastman, Pat Mohr, Joe Long, Peck Drennan, Bill Dolley


Major accomplishments this year.

  • A new HVAC system has been installed in the sanctuary and social hall.
  • Repaired a drainpipe creating a leak in the roof on the social hall side and did roof repairs.
  • Completely cleaned out and reorganized the basement. Installed 9 fluorescent light fixtures with one switch at the door and rewired it bringing it up to current electric code.
  • Installed a handicap ramp in front of the library making it ADA acceptable.
  • Shined and buffed all floors with newly purchased equipment to making them look their best.
  • Working on repairing soffits in RE wing from damage caused by animals gnawing through.
  • Repaired and painted ceilings in RE wing.
  • Replaced smooth gliding glass door in the foyer display case for easier access.
  • Installed cove border around the sanctuary wall floor for a neater finished appearance.
  • Engaged a new lawn maintenance contractor and purchased a lawn tractor and believe this will improve significantly on the appearance of our grounds.
  • Installed a 65” smart TV in the social hall that was gifted to us.
  • Purchased new light fixtures for the library and the foyer and have installed foyer light and working on library light.
  • Cleared the raised bed on Heyward Street and continuing work to prepare to till for mulch and eventual planting of a live oak.
  • Replanted the three azaleas from the garden alongside our Heyward Street boundary.
  • Cleared and reinvented The AIDS Memorial Garden giving it proper recognition to its beginnings. Plans for a stone bench a plaque are to be installed.
  • Cleaned up behind the kitchen area ridding of unwanted leftover trash.
  • Continued work to cleanup and beautify our grounds.
  • We are working with the Security Grant Committee to accomplish the necessary security improvements per the grant both inside and outside our building.


  • Please briefly describe any factors that facilitated or impeded your work this year.
  • This year has been difficult without the opportunity to have any volunteer programs inside or outside the building. We have relied entirely on our sexton, Bill Dolley, and administrator, Andrea Dudick, to advise us about what the needs of the building and grounds have been and they have been most helpful.
  • We have been most fortunate in having received financial gifts to assist with the purchase of the much needed HVAC system and other construction needs and the new 65” TV for the Social Hall which will provide many new uses to our church upon opening.

  • Any special initiatives continuing into the next program year.
  • The Security Grant is a subcommittee of our committee. They will consult with us about their plans for the security measures they are taking per the grant as it impacts the building and grounds. The Security Grant Chair, Joe Long, attends our meetings with updates.
  • Install a new playground gate and fence to adjoin the RE wall.
  • Paint all the existing cinder block walls of the RE Wing.
  • Replace the rotting shingles on the RE Wing.
  • Continue work on the AIDS Memorial Garden.

  • Future dreams or long-range plans for the committee
  • Our two A/C systems in the RE Wing need replacement at any time being the age of one is from 1999 and the other 2004.
  • We have quotes on each of $7700 and want to be ready to replace them when it becomes necessary.
  • We have hopes of continuing work on the sanctuary as planned in our original remodeling but realize that funds are limited this year. Our focus needs to be on absolute necessities.

  • Constraints on accomplishing these plans.
  • The obvious Building and Grounds constraints this year will be lack of funds. We will focus on maintenance of the building but recognize there will be little expenditures other than necessities.


    Shannon Edwards, Building and Grounds Chair

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