Committee Chair: Linda Brennison, Past President

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Committee Members: Jane Gillespie, Pat Mohr (Board Representative), Emilio Perez-Jorge, Elizabeth Harris and Linda Brennison (Past President)


Major accomplishments this year:  The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) had an unusually large number of Committees (9) requiring new chairs for the upcoming fiscal year.  This was mainly due to Chairs having completed 3 years of service, the maximum number of years a Chair may serve per our Bylaws. In consultation with the Chairs who were exiting, the LDC was able to find new Chairs for all 9 Committees.  In addition to Committee Chairs, the LDC nominated 2 Officers of the Board and 3 Trustees of the Board as well as 2 members for the Endowment Committee, 2 members of the Personnel Committee and 2 members for the LDC as required by our Bylaws. Thus, the LDC nominated or filled all 20 open positions of leadership within our Congregation.


Please briefly describe any factors that facilitated or impeded your work this year: A small Congregation makes it difficult to fill the number of open positions. Our membership has dropped off during the Covid pandemic.


Any special initiatives continuing into the next program year:


Future dreams or long-range plans for the committee. The LDC has longed dreamed of returning to sponsoring actual Leadership Development “Classes” or events.


Constraints on accomplishing these plans. Lack of qualified and willing instructors. Lack of interest in attendance.




Respectfully submitted:  Linda Brennison, Chair (Past President)