Committee Chairs: Lis and Phil Turner

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Committee Members: 

Bill Dolley, Joe Long, John Logue,  Pat Mohr, Peck Drennan, Shannon Edwards,  Marni Sotherland, and Mary Martin

Regina Moody, Board liaison

Bethany Storlazzi, RE liaison

Caroline Eastman, Green Committee liaison

Major accomplishments this year:

  • Completed and hung former president plaques to bring them up to date
  • Facilitated trimming of tree limbs that were of danger to parked vehicles
  • Replaced motor and fan blade for the AC unit in the RE wing
  • Purchased and installed “Under 24 hour surveillance/Pick up after your Dog” signs
  • Replaced tractor/mower
  • Removed derelict red sofa
  • Installed and took down Holiday decorations
  • Repaired cracks in cinder block walls in the foundation near the AIDS garden and by the side gate
  • Refurbished the exterior door on the sanctuary (still needs to be finished with shiplap)
  • Reglazed and painted the Sanctuary (six panes up) and sound room windows
  • Repaired crown molding in the foyer
  • Repaired grout in the kitchen backsplash
  • Installed safety bar in women’s room
  • Expanded the sidewalk outside of the library to bring it up to code
  • Built stand for safe and installed (bolting safe to stand and stand to floor)
  • Installed programmable thermostats (2) in RE wing

Please briefly describe any factors that facilitated or impeded your work this year.

Supply chain issues and unresponsiveness of several local contractors impeded some of the projects.

The willingness of the UUCC Board to add funding to offset several major purchases and repairs enabled the committee to continue productive work throughout the year

Any special initiatives continuing into the next program year.

Repair of the HVAC until (coil)

Completion and reimbursement for the security grant

Future dreams or long-range plans for the committee.

Establishing a contingency fund to cover large cost emergencies

Covering the cement block wall in the Sanctuary

Closing in the stage area and adding storage

Repairing the exterior of the windows in the RE wing

Replacing the cedar shakes over the walkway in the RE wing

Repairing the roof over the walkway in the RE wing

Adding gravel/tar on the room

Constraints on accomplishing these plans.
Funding and person power


Respectfully submitted: Phil and Lis Turner