Annual Report for Building and Grounds Committee, 2019-2020


Committee Chair: Shannon Edwards

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Committee Members: Linda McLeod, Richard McLeod, John Logue, Phil Turner, Lis Turner, David Bryan, Linda Brennison, Caroline Eastman, Peck Drennan, Bill Dolley, Glenn White, Pat Mohr


Major accomplishments this year:

  • Established a regular meeting date first Thursday of month and have grown a team of thirteen members and appointed Linda McLeod as recording secretary to take notes, do agendas, and committee reports
  • Installed a second new dishwasher in the kitchen with funds donated to the Kitchen Committee
  • Resolved electrical issues in the kitchen and storeroom
  • Installed gender neutral signs on the restroom doors
  • Installed a Ring Doorbell system to increase security
  • Planned a project whereby a fundraiser was carried out to purchase and install shades in the sanctuary
  • Purchased 4 new card tables
  • A brick walkway was built behind the building down to the fence by David Bryan and landscaping improvements were done on the Heyward side of the church to enhance the lower yard
  • The outside windows on the RE wing were painted by volunteers
  • The floor to the minister’s office was leveled and repaired
  • A total of 8 security cameras have been installed inside and outside our building to allow increased safety of our community
  • A wall mounted speaker was installed to replace the floor standing speaker in the annex
  • A completely new sound system was planned and purchased with the assistance of David Roof, Richard McLeod, and Shannon Edwards. It will be installed when we are able to access the building once again. This was done with member donations and Board approved funds from the Capital Restricted Account.
  • We contracted with Uncle Willie’s Tree Service to remove a tree behind our building as requested by our insurance company due to liability of possible damage to the house next to us. We also cleaned all the gutters of church building and library as a part of that request.
  • A projected Building and Grounds Budget Estimate for future planning was established which also included priorities of necessity
  • Established a Board approved Policy on Donations (non-monetary, in-kind)
  • Have had our failing HVAC system completely repaired by a new HVAC company so it is now in good operating condition and agreed we will contract with a new HVAC company for an annual service agreement
  • Refinished all floors throughout the building and library



  • Please briefly describe any factors that facilitated or impeded your work this year:

A budget for 2019-20 was not submitted which caused us to have to operate on the same limited budget as 2018-19. This created a shortfall in our necessary spending and caused us to overspend. The Kitchen Committee gave us $1,000 which helped us with our budget shortfall. This was a donation gifted to them to be used for the installation of the dishwasher.


The continued problems with the HVAC this past year created undue maintenance problems and a financial burden for repairs.


  • Any special initiatives continuing into the next program year:

With our committee’s intentional work and focus on the “Building and Grounds Budget Estimates” plan we were able to project our needs and wants into the future by cost and priority. We have designated and budgeted several projects for this next fiscal year that we believe we can reasonably accomplish.


  • Future dreams or long-range plans for the committee

By using this same “Building and Grounds Budget Estimates” project we have long range plans such as the remodel of the sanctuary, replacing the kitchen widows, replacing kitchen cabinets, a lighted UU sign on the exterior of the building, and extensive work on the RE Wing.


  • Constraints on accomplishing these plans.

The only constraint will be on our future dreams will be funds. This is all dependent on our pledges and growth of our UUCC community.


Respectfully submitted,


Shannon Edwards (Linda McLeod, recording secretary)