Co-Chairs, Cheryl Soehl and Jane Lawther

Cheryl Soehl and Jane Lawther are both in their 1st Year of Office

Committee members are these: Keitha Whitaker, Joan Watterson, John Logue, Ceren Farr, Jane Gillespie, Mary and Morgan Maclachlan, Jean Capalbo, Sandy Chubon. Tiffany Rushton and Rev. Stephen Robinson serve as ex officio members.

Major Accomplishments this year: Not getting Covid, sending cards, providing rides, calling grieving members and friends, supporting each other, visiting, providing rides, transitioning to new facility, taking food. Joan Watterson was the miracle worker of the year, learning how to care for Bob Chubon and spending the night to relieve Sandy just before he died.

We didn’t identify any factors that impeded our work. Having Keitha Whitaker, past chair, provide wisdom, advice, and zoom was definitely facilitative.

Special initiatives include contacting the Leadership Team to provide the committee with new members since some of ours are moving.

Dreams and Long-range plans for the committee include providing a talent clearing house for folks who need minor repairs or yard work with folks who could/would provide such services.

The only constraint on accomplishing these plans is finding the time. The co-chairs do not see a need at this time for increased funding.

Respectfully submitted, Cheryl Soehl and Jane Lawther