Committee Name: Caring and Hospitality

Committee Chair: Keitha Whitaker

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Committee Members: Linda Brennison, Charlie Calkins, Jean Capalbo, Sandy Chubon, Ceren Farr,  Jane Gillespie, John Logue,  Jean Lomasto, Mary Maclachlan, Morgan Maclachlan, Cheryl Soehl, Joan Watterson, and Keitha Whitaker


  • Major accomplishments this year.
    • Provided food and service for 3 Memorial Services (Rita Rhodes, Diane Schrader, and Dr. Blake Moore).
    • Delivered meals or shared resources for meals and other services.
    • Provided transportation to medical appointments.
    • Sent cards and remembrances.
    • Helped with errands and other needs for members and friends incapacitated by illness or injury or shared resources for assistance with these needs.
    • Shared Zoom links for UUCC events, meetings, and services.
    • Assisted with a congregational survey to ascertain members’ and friends’ needs and capacities for Zoom and other distancing resources, as well as their desires for contact and how best to contact them.
    • Stayed safe in our homes or practiced social distancing when we needed to go out to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


  • Please briefly describe any factors that facilitated or impeded your work this year.
    • Facilitated: the most absolutely wonderful, committed, compassionate group of committee members and volunteers on the planet!
    • Impeded: Covid-19


  • Any special initiatives continuing into the next program year.
    • Continue to reach out to Folks who are isolated in their homes. It is expected that many Folks will need to continue to stay safe in their homes for an extended period and that Stay Home orders will happen frequently over the next year.
    • Encourage Zoom get-togethers when possible for members of the congregation; encourage Zoom committee and group meetings.
    • Keep up to date on community resources and services.


  • Future dreams or long-range plans for the committee
    • A longer list of congregation members who are willing and able to assist with transportation and contact with members and friends who lack transportation or who are house bound or living in extended care facilities.


  • Constraints on accomplishing these plans.
    • Uncertainty about the impact and future constraints of coronavirus


Respectfully submitted,


Keitha Whitaker

Chair, Caring and Hospitality Committee