Committee Co-Chairs:  Cheryl Soehl and Jane Lawther

We are in the 3rd Year of our Term

Committee Members include:  Cheryl Soehl, Jane Lawther, Ceren Farr, Joan Watterson, Jean Capalbo (member and Board Rep), Jane Gillespie, John Logue, Chuck and Bud Ashley, Sandy Chubon, Mary and Morgan Maclachlan, and Sandra Merritt.


  1. Personal illness of the committee members sometimes impeded our work.  Zoom capability allowed us to meet regularly.
  2. Our special inititaves are ongoing: to serve the congregants and friends with cards, conversation, calls, food, rides, and companionship.
  3.  Future dreams or long range plans include defining our role in bereavement, finding chair(s) to replace current chairs, identifying needs of folks that committee can provide so no one is left out.
  4. The constraints on our plans are the physical ability of our team members, identifying our boundaries, and members not knowing what we do and how to contact us.