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August 2017

In that the UUCC Kitchen has long been an area of congregational life without formal organization and leadership; and

In that the burden of kitchen functions has long fallen unofficially on a dedicated few; and

In that there is currently a small group of dedicated members who have volunteered to take on this challenge;

The UUCC Board of Trustees hereby appoints the ad hoc Kitchen Committee to consist initially of:

Linda McLeod, Chair
Joan Watterson
Connie Quirk
Loretta Spencer
Kathy Farnsworth-Labelle
Jeanette Walton

It is the intent of the Board to formally make the Kitchen Committee a subcommittee of a standing church committee once it is determined how that subcommittee best fits into the UUCC committee structure.* Until that time;

The UUCC Board of Trustees hereby charges the ad hoc Kitchen Committee to:

  • Gather and summarize history and information on the UUCC Kitchen as is known and otherwise available from records and long-time members;
  • Summarize the current functions supported by the kitchen facilities;
  • Develop and propose procedures for the use of the kitchen in meeting the needs of the current functions;
  • Prepare an organizational plan of the responsibilities of the Kitchen Committee;
  • Prepare and propose a list of responsibilities for those using the kitchen facilities for events; and
  • Be responsible for proper spending of the Kitchen line item in the UUCC Budget.

*(Per the UUCC Board-Meeting Minutes dated 2-20-19, the Board voted to formally make the Kitchen Committee, Linda McLeod, Chair, a subcommittee of the Caring & Hospitality Committee, Keitha Whitaker, Chair.)