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Who we are:

Columbia Food Not Bombs is a loose-knit group of individuals who enjoy sharing food in public places. Columbia Food Not Bombs has shared food with people at Finlay Park since 2002.  Started by USC students, we helped the survivors of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005, fed the Occupiers at the State House in 2011, helped out at the Enough is Enough rally at the State House to expand Medicaid and fund education in 2015. We also helped out at the International Peace day at the State House Sept. 21, 2014. Food Not Bombs members helped serve food at the Transitions Shelter before Covid-19 hit. Columbia FNB has adapted from sharing food with an average of  almost 200 people buffet style before Covid-19 hit in March 2020, to about 80 people currently.  It’s called a “sharing” because everyone involved helps.  Some bring food, some serve food, and some clean up afterward. We have been sharing food with an average of 80 people every Sunday in Finlay Park, rain or shine. We set up in the parking lot near the stage off Taylor  St. and share food from 1-2pm. Check out National Food Not Bombs at:

Columbia FNB is a community partner and receives donations from Food Lion, and Trader Joe’s. A varying group of approximately 35 volunteers prepare and share food throughout the year.  Excess food is shared with people in low income housing, Finlay House, the North Main Street Men’s shelter (Providence House), the Women’s Shelter on N.Main St., Oliver Gospel Mission, Transitions, the Family Shelter and Walter’s retirement home.

Volunteers are always welcome.  Donations are accepted at PayPal

Venmo:803 331 6383   or   cashapp @FNBCola

Come out and share food!

How you can help:

Items we can always use are:8 inch 3 way dived Styrofoam “to go”/ clamshell” containers, medium weight plastic forks, paper products, cans of fruit and veggies, rice, pasta, sandwich bags, large trash bags, gas cards,  monetary donations, napkins, masks, plastic grocery store bags, sandwich bags, individually wrapped cookies or snack chips, and money for gas, van insurance, and supplies.

For more information, call Maris at 803.331.6383, Tyler at or Judy at 803-360-9784 or on facebook at FNBCola