Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has two principal functions: the annual pledge canvass and the budget.  At UUCC these are largely simultaneous.

The annual canvass asks members and friends to pledge the amount of money they expect to give the Congregation in the coming year.  It is conducted in the spring, and the results feed the budget.  Collateral functions include seeing that contributions are accurately recorded, and that pledge statements are mailed out to members at intervals, usually quarterly.

The budget is the Congregation’s financial plan for the coming year.  It is drafted by the Finance Committee, reviewed by the Board of Trustees, and approved by the members of the Congregation at their Annual Meeting in May or June.  The committee seeks input from the other committees as to their needs, and reconciles these requests with the results of the canvass.

The committee also prepares financial reports and policies as needed, and coordinates special fundraising by groups within the congregation.

The bylaws require that all members of the committee be members of the Congregation, and be approved by the Board.  If you’re interested in joining us, please contact Joe Long at

Revised as of June 7, 2015
Finance Committee
The Finance Committee shall consist of a Chair and two or more Members of the Congregation, all appointed by the Board with advisement of the Leadership Development Committee. The Treasurer is an ex-officio member of the Committee. The Finance Committee shall:
(i)  receive, record, and deposit all funds collected by the Congregation
(ii)  plan and supervise the Canvass each year
(iii)  coordinate all fundraising activities
(iv)  create an annual budget for the Congregation, with input from other committees and program areas, and submit the budget to the Board