We are working on getting UUA Green Sanctuary status.

Committee – Green Sanctuary Committee (AKA ‘Green Team’)
Committee Chair – Kevin McKinney

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Committee Members

● Major accomplishments this year.

–The biggest Green Sanctuary Committee accomplishment this year was probably our
environmental service featuring Virginia Sanders of the Sierra Club. Multiple members
of the Team spoke or otherwise contributed, and the choir was featured as well in
Peter Mayer’s (other!) environmental anthem “Church of the Earth.”

–We also made considerable progress in integrating the composting program into
congregational life, although more is still needed. Non-green-team congregational
members do not yet feel wide ‘ownership’ of the program, and that is what is required
for the long-term survival of the effort.

–We initiated several educational outreach efforts, but these are still limited in scope
and reach. Examples include the
Vigil for a Livable Climate
Facebook page, our pages
on the UUCC website, speaker events, outreach to CYRE classes, and social-hour

● Please briefly describe any factors that facilitated or impeded your work this

Our work was facilitated by Board support (including budgetary), the cooperation of other
committees, such as Worship and CYRE, and by a generally positive attitude on the part of the
congregation. Hindrances largely consist of personal and institutional inertia, as well as the
many competing claims to congregants’ attention and energy.

● Any special initiatives continuing into the next program year
● Future dreams or long-range plans for the committee
● Constraints on accomplishing these plans .

We anticipate continuing all our past efforts when quarantine is no longer needed. In addition,
we will be considering what we can usefully do in the interim. We may experiment with ‘movie
nights’ featuring appropriately-themed films. We expect to encounter similar issues as in the

past: it is always difficult to attract attention, and even harder to generate commitment, even in
a cause everyone agrees is a good one.

Respectfully submitted,

Kevin McKinney, chair