Rev. Stephen Robinson

Manage as a Steward

One of the definitions of an administrator is to manage as a steward, a person responsible for all the important things that sustain the life of an organization. I can’t think of a better way to describe the way that Andrea Dudick has handled the role of church administrator during her many years of service at the UUCC. I often emphasize the importance of the work of the UUCC in the community and world at large, and I believe that who we are, how we are, and what we do has the ability to bring about transformation. With all of our activities, commitments, and work, we need someone who holds the responsibility for organizing, maintaining, and sustaining. Andrea has been the consistent person, holding the soil of this UUCC tree, allowing us to grow and flourish. It seems like too simple of a gesture to say thank you, but my heart is filled with gratitude as I reflect on my experience of working with my colleague and friend, Andrea.

I met Andrea years before I became the minister at the UUCC, as I would often serve as a guest speaker. The extent of our conversations at that time revolved around getting the order of service ready for that Sunday. One of my earliest memories involved me sending her one of my quirky sermon titles, to which she responded later, “I just want to make sure this is correct.” I remembered thinking, this is a no-nonsense administrator that does not have any appreciation or patience for my dry wit. In the middle of that thought, she responded with an even more witty response, filled with humor and appreciation. Every time I was a guest speaker, we had great conversations and she always made me feel so welcomed. Long before I walked in the door of the church on Sunday, I had been overwhelmed by the hospitality of the UUCC, because of Andrea.

As I began my time as the minister at the UUCC, my working relationship with Andrea became crucial to everything I did. Being a part time minister, I was rarely holding any office hours at the church, and Andrea was the consistent presence in the office. Over the past three years, Andrea has become a trusted colleague and friend. Our early morning conversations both ground me in what needed my attention at the UUCC, and helped me feel connected to the work. In addition to getting the work done, Andrea has become a trusted friend.

Grief and Gratitude. I feel them both as a write. I will forever be grateful for all the seen and unseen tasks
that Andrea has held as a steward to our good work. I will grieve the change as she brings her time as our
administrator to an end. Thank you, Andrea, for who you are and all that you have done.