FINAL (accepted at the  June 6, 2021 Annual Meeting)


Michelle Andra, Carita Barr, Mel Barrington, Sheldon Bon, Linda Brennison, Karen Brown, Rod Brown, Jean A. Capalbo, Ann Sanders Cargill, Craig Chattin, Bruce Chavious, Sandy Chubon, Tom Clements, Richard Culler, Carol Dodson, Don Dodson, Peck Drennan, Rebecca Drennan, Marc Drews, Patty Drews, Andrea Dudick, Brian E. Dudick, Caroline Eastman, Shannon Edwards, Kathy Farnsworth-Le Bel, Ceren Richardson Farr, Joseph P. Flood, Nicholas Fore, Yolanda Ganong, Suzi Garland, Jane Gillespie, Bob Gillespie, Nina Gray, Anna Hamilton, Elizabeth Harris, Laura Hartwig, Trish Jerman, Ann Johnson, Molly Jones, Jessica Kross, Kerry Lachance, Jane W. Lawther, John Logue, Jean Lomasto, Joe Long, Mary Maclachlan, Morgan Maclachlan, Sharon Matchett, Deb Matherly, Kevin McKinney, Linda McLeod, Richard McLeod, Kevin Meredith, Brandi Mimbs, Lee Minghi, Pat Mohr, Regina Moody, Ron Pearson, Susan Pearson, Emilio Perez-Jorge, Nancie Shillington-Perez, Connie Quirk, Beth Ann Rocheleau, Tiffany Rushton, Mckenzie Scott, Larry Siegel, Cheryl Soehl, Alvin Steingold, Bethany Storlazzi, Beck Sullivan, Michael Sullivan, Terrence Sullivan, Janet Swigler, Anna Thomas, Mark Tompkins, Lis Turner, Phil Turner, Judy Turnipseed, Mitch Ullman, Tim VanDenBerg, Ginny Verne, Jim Verne, Jeanette Walton, Carolyn West, Keitha Whitaker, Bob Whitaker, Jonathan White, Meghan White, Sara Williams.


Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of June 2, 2019 were approved by acclamation.


Annual Report

Linda Brennison, outgoing president, presented an overview of the 2019-20 year. She noted that UUCC “hit the ground running in July 2019” with plans for expansion and improvement, only to “hit the wall” in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced UUCC to close its building and go virtual with all activities. “Despite this setback, our hard-working Committees and Board of Trustees approved and completed many projects and held numerous events,” including well-attended weekly Sunday services via Zoom.

Because UUCC is an independent Congregation, future decisions concerning opening and closing the facility will be made by the UUCC Board of Trustees, with suggestions from UUA but final word by the Board, Brennison said The facility remains closed until further notice.

Brennison thanked the 2019-29 Board for its support and hard work: Rod Brown, President-Elect; Tim Vandenberg, Past President; Jeanette Walton, Treasurer; Bob Gillespie, Secretary; Caroline Eastman, Finance Committee Chair; and Trustees Jessica Kross, John Logue, Deb Matherly, Pat Mohr and Terrence Sullivan.

Brennison also thanked Committee Chairpersons for their work in 2019-20: Adult Religious Education: Angie Dodd Rabon; Animal Ministry: Anita Grossman;

Building and Grounds Committee: Shannon Edwards; Caring and Hospitality Committee, Keitha Whitaker; CYRE, Beck Sullivan; Denominational Connections, Keitha Whitaker; Endowment Committee, Phil Turner; Finance Committee, Caroline Eastman; Fundraiser Committee, Don Dodson; Green Committee, Kevin McKinney; Kitchen Committee and Memorial Services Coordinator, Linda McLeod; Leadership Development Committee, Emilio Perez-Jorge; Membership Committee, Nancie Shillington-Perez; Memorial Gardens Committee, Pat Mohr; Partner Church Committee, Lee Minghi; Personnel Committee, Marc Drews; Security Committee, Nancie Shillington-Perez; Social Action Committee, Laura Hartwig; Technology Committee, Donald Griggs; Worship Committee, Marc Drews; and Website Conduit, Lis Turner. Annual committee reports are posted on the UUCC website,, with detail on projects for the year.

Brennison also recognized and thanked the UUCC staff: Rev. Stephen Robinson, Minister; Scott Sargent, Director of Religious Education; Mckenzie Scott, RE Assistant; Anna Hamilton, Music Coordinator; Andrea Dudick, Administrator; Ginny Verne, Bookkeeper; Bill Dolley, Sexton; and Ronan Sullivan and Janae Walton, Nursery Workers.

Brennison presented a slide show via Zoom highlighting UUCC accomplishments and members of the Congregation in 2019-20. They included e-giving, new Sanctuary blinds, compelling programs for adults and children, new security lighting and cameras, The Cabaret, music “beyond our greatest expectations,” “delicious meals,” Blessing of the Animals, social action in the community, welcoming new members, financial stability, composing and recycling, holiday gatherings and decorations, beautiful memorial services, Granny D presentation, Congregational Conversations, application for a security grant, art shows and receptions, well-kept building and grounds, “services and sermons that inspire,” and the UUCC’s “beloved community.”


Budget Discussion and Vote

Caroline Eastman, chair of the Finance Committee, led discussion of the budget for 2020-21, which was prepared with input from the Board, reviewed by the Finance Committee, approved by the Board and sent to the membership for review prior to the Annual Meeting. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the original budget underwent changes reflecting reduced pledges, reduced projections of rental income and fund-raising, and reduced expenses for food and beverages. “We are not in crisis mode, but we do need to be more conservative,” Eastman said.

The budget included staff compensation, with cost of living increases included, as well as funds to maintain the UUCC building. Most standing committees received reduced budgets for 2020-21, and contributions to UUA were also reduced to a “token level.”

The budget for 2020-21 was approved by Zoom vote.


Election of Officers

The following members were elected by acclamation via Zoom to the following positions: Rod Brown, President; Pat Mohr, President-Elect; Beth Ann Rocheleau, Secretary (2 years); Tiffany Rushton and Jonathan White, Trustees (2 years); Jane Gillespie, Leadership Development Committee (2 years); and Mark Tompkins, Endowment Committee (3 years).



The meeting was adjourned at 1:22 p.m.


Submitted by: Bob Gillespie, Secretary