Agenda Item, Annual Meeting 2023.
Motion to Amend Bylaws as per LDC. Board approved 05.17.23
Submitted by Regina Moody

The LDC moves that the UUCC Bylaws be amended to establish its Past President as a voting member of the Board and to reduce the number of Trustees at Large from five (5) to four (4). [This will not affect the total number of voting members of the Board which will remain at nine (9).]
If both motions pass, implementation will begin July 1 of fiscal year 2024-2025, with the Past President’s becoming a voting-member. Temporary adjustments in trustee terms of office will be complete beginning in 2026-2027, so that thereafter, at every annual meeting, two trustees will be elected, each for two-year terms.

Motion #1
7.1 Number, Term, and Qualifications of Board Members (a) The voting members of the Board of Trustees shall consist of four five
Officers and five four Trustees. The Minister, the Past President, and the Chair of the Finance Committee shall serve as ex officio, non-voting members of the Board. All members of the Board shall be Members of the Congregation.

(b) Officers [no change] The President-Elect shall be elected by the Membership at the Annual Meeting and will serve a three-year term (first year as President-Elect, second year as President, third year as Past President) beginning July 1 of the year elected. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected by the Membership at the Annual Meeting and will serve a two-year term beginning July 1 of the year elected. Election of the Secretary and Treasurer should be staggered so that both offices do not change in the same year. A retiring Officer who has served two or more consecutive years on the Board in any capacity may not be elected Trustee for at least one year. Co-leaders may be nominated to serve in any of the officer positions. Co-leaders will have one vote at board meetings.

(c) Trustees – Two of the Trustees shall be elected for two-year terms at the at each Annual Meeting. held in even-numbered years. Three of the Trustees shall be elected for two-year terms at the Annual Meeting held in odd-
numbered years. A Trustee will remain eligible immediately after such service to be elected an Officer. Trustees appointed or elected to fill out an unexpired term on the Board shall be eligible to be elected to serve a full two-year term immediately after the partial term served.

Motion #2 [If motion #1 passes, the following amendment is proposed.]
7.5 Duties of the Officers
(a) President
(b) President-Elect
(c) Secretary
(d) Treasurer
(e) Past President – the Past President shall serve in an advisory role as an Officer and voting member of the Board.
(f) Executive Committee – The Officers (President, Past President, President- Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer) shall comprise the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is charged with responding to requests for waivers of the financial contribution requirement. Under conditions of urgency, the Executive Committee may, by majority vote of all Officers, transact business on behalf of the Board.