Allison Terracio, from Planned Parenthood, recently spoke to our congregation during a joint service with Rev. Robinson.  Congregants asked about volunteer opportunities and she has offered the following:

Many people have asked about our patient greeting program.  People can apply using this link.  Once they have submitted the application, they should expect outreach from my colleague Kelty Kauffman.  Kelty has let me know that sometimes their emails seem to go to spam, so if they don’t hear please have people let me know (email/text/phone is fine).
Kelty will walk people through the process, but it generally consists of a phone call with Kelty, then an invitation to a zoom training that is held monthly.  The training is about 2 hours, and afterward there are a few forms to complete for compliance.  Once all that is done, Kelty will connect people with their local volunteer lead.  Finally, the volunteer leads will make sure that the new greeters have all the information they need to sign up for shifts and will make sure that they get onsite orientation and training.

It’s always healing to be in the congregation and to experience the love and acceptance at the UU.