A Policy on accepting non-monetary or in-kind items helps insure the vetting of gifts to the church.


Donation: A non-monetary or in-kind contribution of goods offered free of charge either with or without restrictions.

Individuals with vested interest: Staff, Committee, or Program Group.


The Building and Grounds Committee or its subcommittee (the Interiors Committee) will evaluate proposed donations of furniture, musical instruments, art and decorative objects, appliances, etc. to determine their appropriateness/usefulness to the church.

This policy describes the guidelines for accepting or rejecting proposed donations and the steps that will be followed in order to reach that decision.

Step 1.  Church official (Administrator, Minister, whomever) acquires a basic description of the item and the donor’s contact information.

Step 2.  This information is given to a member of the Building and Grounds Committee (or Interiors Committee).

Step 3.  The Chair (or committee member) contacts all UUCC individuals with a vested interest.  Examples include Music Coordinator (musical instruments), RE Director (RE furniture), Administrator (office furniture, etc.)

Step 4.  The committee evaluates the input from those with a vested interest and makes a final decision.

Step 5.  If donation is accepted, the Chair of Building and Grounds (or Interiors Committee) sends a letter and a donation receipt to the donor thanking them on behalf of UUCC.  If rejected, the committee sends a letter stating such and thanks the potential donor.

Step 6.  The Administrator will assure that objects of a high value be recorded in the Master Inventory of Church Property and that the Treasurer is notified where appropriate for insurance reasons.

Submitted by:  Building and Grounds Committee, Shannon Edwards, Chair

Date submitted: March 5.2020

Adopted by UUCC Board: March 2020