A few reminders:
Everyone 2 and over is required to wear facemasks at all times.
The Heyward and kitchen doors will be closed Sunday, please use the main or patio doors for entry.
The kitchen will be closed and no food or water will be available.  If you bring your own water, please be sure it is in a lidded container.

(June 22, 2021)

Overview: UUCC will re-open for Sunday Services and other events beginning Sunday, July 4, under the conditions described in items 1-14 below. The board expects these guidelines for services and meetings to persist through the summer months; modifications will come before formal CYRE resumes at the beginning of the school year (August/September).

Committees, Story Circles, book clubs, our discussion group, The Forum, and other gatherings may choose to meet in person, or may choose to continue meeting virtually. Some may find a way to do both. Please check the E Blast and the News page for the most up-to-date information for streaming information for Services and for Zoom links or in-person meeting information for other gatherings. All UUCC events held in the building or on UUCC grounds must be scheduled with the Administrator (uucc@uucolumbia.org) and placed on the UUCC calendar.

      1. Building open. The building will open for in-person meetings and gatherings beginning Sunday, July 4. From this date, Sunday services will return to in-person indefinitely.
      2. Safety Precautions- Vaccinations, Masks, and Social Distancing. For the safety of everyone, we request that all persons age 12 years and older be fully vaccinated (2 weeks past the final shot)*. While indoors, persons age two and older will wear properly-fitting masks at all times. Six-foot social distancing between unrelated individuals and pods/quaranteams** should be maintained one seat and one row between groups, as illustrated in the diagram). For services, markers will be available to indicate a request that a seat not be occupied. Seating is at the discretion of the ushers.Notes for speakers during services:  Vaccinated speakers can remove their mask to speak at their discretion while in the pulpit and therefore socially distanced from the congregation. However, if someone is only going to say a few words- light a candle, story for all ages, they should keep their mask on.
      3. Order of Service. The order of service will follow its pre-Covid format, as described in Attachment A:  Mark-up of Order of Service (courtesy of Dr. Emilio Perez.) There will be music (likely instrumental to start) but there will not be group singing in person for a while, as described in Attachment B. Proposed Music Program (courtesy of Anna Hamilton, Music Director.) The transition to full congregational singing will be at the discretion of the Music Director. No hymnals will be needed or distributed for the time being.Note: Dr. Emilio Perez advises that surface contact is not a concern with regards to the spread of COVID-19; passing of items like the microphone, baskets, and hymnals will not see significant changes in practice.
      4. Streaming of Services Available. UUCC will provide simultaneous on-line video streaming of Services for those who choose not to attend in person. Other events may or may not provide simultaneous video streaming- TBD by event and by committee. Services will be recorded with a camera operator focused on the pulpit and able to pull back. On-line interaction is not available.
      5. Children and Youth
            1. Adults who work with children and youth must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination. CYRE will maintain a confidential copy of the vaccination record together with the background check information required of all volunteers. When supervising children and youth, they and all children and youth age two and older, will wear properly-fitting masks at all times indoors and out. When children are not under the direct supervision and care of their parent/guardian, signed permission slips are required. Contact the Director of Religious Education for additional information (dre@uucolumbia.org).
            2. Nursery Care. Nursery care will be available during Services for children under age 4, with volunteers or paid staff (TBD/ need to confirm.)
            3. Multigenerational Services during summer – Children over age 4 are expected to stay with their parents for Multigenerational Services, and will be requested to stay masked, like the adults.
            4. Regular Services during summer Children and youth may go to classrooms for crafts and/or supervised outdoor activities, weather permitting, after the Time for All Ages.
      6. No Food and Beverages. The kitchen will be closed and locked until further notice. No food or drinks may be provided for any events inside the UUCC until further notice. Members and friends are requested to bring their own water to drink as needed.
      7. Limited Socializing Indoors Before and After Services As noted above, members and friends are requested to wear masks indoors. Further, members and friends are requested minimize indoor interactions and contact, except within small groups or “quaranteams” as described above.
      8. Encourage Socializing Outdoors Before and After Services.  Socializing outdoors is allowed and encouraged. Persons who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear masks outside, but should consider doing so (at least during the first few weeks of this transition to in-person events) for the comfort of others who are still growing accustomed to gathering in groups and yet also wish to participate. Persons who are not fully vaccinated, including children, who cannot yet be vaccinated, must wear masks out of doors on UUCC grounds.
      9. Committee Meetings and Other Events Inside the UUCC or on UUCC grounds. All members and friends who come onto UUCC grounds are expected to adhere to the health and safety precautions described above (wearing masks, social distancing, vaccination, etc.).
      10. UUCC bathrooms.  Until further notice, no more than three people may be present in a bathroom at the same time.
      11. Additional safety considerations. Any person who is ill or who has tested positive for Covid should not attend any in-person gathering until a physician has cleared them as no longer in danger of infecting others. Anyone who attends a UUCC event and is later diagnosed as having Covid should notify the UUCC Administrator (uucc@uucolumbia.org). When persons report to have been infectious at the time of a UUCC event they attended, the congregation will be notified of those events through special e-blast notifications; names of infectious persons will not be a part of these notifications.
      12. Our Caring Committee will continue to meet every month to consider those in our Congregation who may need special care and consideration from the Committee or Rev. Robinson.
      13. Signage, developed by the Building and Grounds Committee, will advise of new and different procedures. Certain signs will also be repeated in the Order of Service. The following are signs to be posted appropriately on UUCC grounds (wording subject to change):
            1. While indoors, persons age two and older must wear properly-fitting masks at all times.
            2. Minimize indoor interactions and contact before, during, and after the service.
            3. Maintain six-foot social distancing between unrelated individuals and pods/quaranteams**.
            4. Follow social distancing guidelines when selecting your seats.
            5. If you are experiencing any possible COVID-19 symptoms, please do not enter but feel welcomed to return when you are no longer in danger of infecting others.
            6. Seating Diagram – Please follow social distancing guidelines while at the UUCC. The following diagram demonstrates expectations for seating during a service. Please do not move chairs.
            7. Kitchen is closed.
            8. Bathrooms – No more than 3 people may be present in a bathroom at the same time.
            9. CYRE – If any child is experiencing any possible COVID-19 symptoms, please do not send them to CYRE. They are welcomed to return when they are no longer in danger of infecting others. If CYRE supervision finds your child to be exhibiting any of these symptoms, they will return them to you immediately.
            10. Markers – Seat Reserved for Social Distancing. Please leave empty.

* Except for those individuals who are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons or as directed by their physician.

** Quaranteams are people who share living space/a family unit/pods. In addition, individuals who are fully vaccinated may join with others who are likewise fully vaccinated to form small groups.



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