God’s Plan: An Update

“God’s Plan, An Update”.  Dr. Prier will discuss his take on why current religions are presenting versions of the plan that are out of date, and inconsistent with what we now know about the natural world.  The message he will repeat and want us to take home is that there is a plan,  but it’s not all about us….and that should be reassuring.

About Dr. Ron Prier:

Distinguished Graduate of West Point, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at USC, Chief of Department of Psychiatry at Fort Jackson, Director of General Psychiatry Training Program at USC, Medical Director of the South Carolina Department of Mental Health, Staff Psychiatrist with Hospitalists in Psychiatry at Palmetto Health.

Ron is  originally from Los Angeles, married, with one child, Jill, who will be starting med school here in Columbia in August.  Ron was  transferred here from DC by the Army for his final active duty assignment as Chief of Psychiatry at Fort Jackson in 1989.  His wife, Deb, is a practicing Ophthalmologist here in Columbia.