– A Multimedia Experience by Jim Scott

Mixing powerful songs and beautiful projected images, “The Year to Save the Earth” takes us from celebration to grieving, protest, learning and positive vision for the planet. Jim Scott’s lyrical melodies and outspoken poetry celebrate what’s beautiful, amazing, and fragile, nurturing a spirit of collective action for our planet.

The message that the time is now! As well as hard reality, the program’s message is one of optimism. There are many invitations for people to join in the singing and then to get involved in environmental action. Facing the urgency of the environmental crisis, the songs challenge us to feel, to learn and to act.

Some songs in the concert. The titles speak for themselves:

A Song for the Earth (the water cycle and pollution)

Still the Sun Will Shine (solar vs nuclear power)

We Are the Earth (not just occupiers of creation)

Noah (climate change, rising tides)

The Oneness of Everything (the interdependent web of all life)

The Rainforest Song (how everything goes together)

Immigrants (climate displacement and refugee crisis)

The World Needs Your Voice (commit to social/political change)

–       plus more songs that express our grief, our rage, and our vision.

Putting ourselves in harmony is the first step, and singing together opens hearts and inspires community, commitment and then a movement. We hope “The Year to Save the Earth” will provoke thought, further discussion and move participants to take the vision home with us.