Annual Report for Committees, 2019-2020

Committee Name: Social Action Committee

Committee Chair: Laura Hartwig


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Committee Members:  Too many to list

Major accomplishments this year.

As always, our accomplishments are many. Which are “major” maybe a matter of opinion.

Besides the usual MLK day march, we had a panel discussion on sex-trafficking, “The Bail Trap” presentation in coordination with BLM, participated in the #RaiseTheCap rally & Lights for Liberty at the statehouse, and the always popular Pride Parade participation.  Families Helping Families was another huge success as well as our now yearly Guest at Your Table fundraiser.  And in our spare time, we participated in two volunteer days at Harvest Hope.  And with a little push from COVID-19, we start having all our meetings on Zoom.


Please briefly describe any factors that facilitated or impeded your work this year.

Unfortunately many events were cancelled due to COVID-19.


Any special initiatives continuing into the next program year.

Assuming we can eventually start our annual Seeds of Hope market, we had planned to use the tent to keep the volunteers cooler. Otherwise, most initiatives will be left to Kathy who will be taking over the committee in July.


Future dreams or long-range plans for the committee

Future dreams include continuing our ongoing efforts and gaining more members who are willing to take on the volunteer responsibilities to spread our reach even more.  Also plan on more branding with another sale of yellow t-shirts and adding yellow scarves for colder weather events.  Will also be working with the Publicity Committee to make sure events are advertised to bring in more members.


Constraints on accomplishing these plans.

The new budget is not enough to cover the cost of a float this year, so we might have to do some fundraising or figure out other options.  Also, hoping for the end of COVID-19 so we can continue with our work.


Respectfully submitted,


Laura Hartwig (she/her)
Social Action Committee


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