Annual Report for Committees, 2019-2020


Committee Name:  Leadership Development Committee

Committee Chair: Emilio Perez-Jorge

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Committee Members:

Emilio Perez-Jorge (Chair), Jessica Kross, Elizabeth Harris, Tim Vandenberg, Keitha Withaker,

Next year changes: Keitha Withaker rotating out. Jane Gillespie rotating in and replacing Keitha

Major accomplishments this year.

We got all the required leadership positions filled except one (unfortunately it is the most important, President- elect for 2021)

This is a summary of the positions to be announced for a vote during the Annual Meeting of the Congregation May 31st:

Draft Ballot for Officers and Committees Members requiring a vote at the Annual Meeting

President (replaced Richard McLeod) – Rod Brown

President Elect-Vacant as of today

Secretary (replaces Bob Gillespie) – Beth Ann Rochleau

Trustee 1(replaces Pat Mohr)-Johnathan White

Trustee 2 (replaces Terrence Sullivan) -Tiffanny Rushton

Endowment Committee Member (replaces Daryl Shier)-Matt Thompkins

LDC Committee Member (replaces Keitha Whitaker)-Jane Gillespie


We were able to significantly decrease the mean age of the members serving in leadership positions, so we can get the younger generation of members involved in the day to day activities of the congregation.

With the help of the Worship Committee (Marc Drews), Phil Turner and Reverend Stephen Robinson, we organized a zoom Committee Fair

Please briefly describe any factors that facilitated or impeded your work this year.


  • We are a good group of people and for the most part, we put our talent and time to the service of the UUCC.


  • Some people already are volunteering or have volunteered in the past and others are too busy to commit to volunteer
  • The COVID 19 pandemic has made it difficult to connect personally with people. Asking somebody to serve our congregation cannot be done very well over the phone or email. It requires a personal interaction that no digital media can substitute for.

Any special initiatives continuing into the next program year.

Hope to continue to have annual committee fairs so congregation members can explore and understand the needs of the congregation to fill the leadership positions.

Future dreams or long-range plans for the committee

Continue to renew the leadership positions with members that have never served before and that are able to provide new perspectives to our governing committees and board
Once the travel situation and the congregation budget are more stable, take advantage of leadership training events from the UUA.

Constraints on accomplishing these plans.

An aging congregation that has already paid their dues serving

Difficulties attracting younger members to the congregation that have the time of the willingness to serve in leadership positions

The disruption to travel and budgets that the current pandemic has imposed.


Respectfully submitted,


Emilio Perez-Jorge