We currently offer online Sunday services and CYRE classes, as well as other online activites and discussion groups. Contact our  Administrator for more information or if you have questions.

Committees and Program Groups are encouraged to meet online rather than in person.  Contact your Group Leader or Committee Chair for further information.

Chair Yoga pictureVirtual Chair Yoga

Please RSVP to Mckenzie Scott by 10am on each Tuesday yogawmckenzie@gmail.com. Chair Yoga is accessible yoga that you can practice while sitting at your table or in your living room. In chair yoga, you will experience deep stretches and breath techniques for immunity, peace, and strength.

Virtual Story Circle, through December

Story Circle will continue on Wednesdays from 10:00-11:30 a.m. All welcome. Questions? Call Barbara Bates Smith at 828-421-7685.

On Our Way!” 1-Act Show & Discussion, Today, September 10, 7-8pm

Under Social Action Committee sponsorship, a trial run via Zoom of “On Our Way!” scripted by UU friend Barbara Bates Smith, features Brenda Ellis as Black Civil Rights heroine Fannie Lou Hamer, with Barbara as narrator. A moderated discussion follows with Director/Videographer Jeff Sebens, Brenda, and Barbara.

Goddess Workshop with Dr. Reed and Mckenzie

Join us on Saturday, September 12 from 4:00-5:30pm via Zoom. In this interactive workshop you will learn and discuss the symmetry between Jesus’s words and those of the Goddess Hokmah. You will be guided through ancient chants and feminine yogic practices from your chair to further open the door of knowledge. Community and discussion in an intentional safer space. Dr. Reed is a sufi ordained minister and academic and Mckenzie is a practitioner of yoga and healing arts. Both are Goddess enthusiasts and space holders. If you should have any questions please contact Mckenzie Scott at reassist@uucolumbia.org. You may sign up at: https://bit.ly/uu-goddess

The Mountain Retreat Update

Due to COVID-19 our retreat at The Mountain scheduled for November 6-8 has been cancelled. However, The Mountain is encouraging visitors—but with certain restrictions in amenities. Several of us have decided to spend a few days at The Mountain the weekend of October 16-18. Please contact Joan Watterson at 803-381-7208 or Ginny Verne at 803-606-6260 if you are interested in joining or would like further information.

Membership at the UUCC

Have you attended UUCC for a while and considered making the Table with red clothcongregation a larger part of your life? This may be the perfect time to make the leap and become a Member! If you are interested in joining, or have questions about membership, please contact our Membership Co-Chair, Nancie Shillington-Perez, at 803-553-2280 or membership@uucolumbia.org

New UU Class

Postponed for now. Contact Nancie Shillington-Perez (membership@uucolumbia.org) for more information.

Visitor Orientation

Our first Zoom Visitor Orientation will be held on Sunday, September 20, about 15 minutes after the service ends (estimated around 11:45am.) The Orientation usually lasts about 50 minutes. If you are new to the UUCC, or have not participated for a while and have questions, then this session is for you. This class is designed to help familiarize you with the principles of Unitarian Universalism and answer any questions you may have. For more information or to RSVP, please contact: Nancie Shillington-Pérez at membership@uucolumbia.org.